CHERRY COLORS TURNS 9 - Top Reads, Favorites & Upcoming giveaways

9th anniversary happy kid
original photo: Helena Milost

This month is my blogs' 9th Anniversary. That's a big milestone and I think it's only appropriate to talk about the blog and the upcoming GIVEAWAYS!

And what better than to show my favorite human as the main photo of this glorious event? :D

Okay, so what happened during the past 9 years?

Well, my blog stayed mostly reviews oriented but not really detailed reviews as I like to get to the point quickly.
I've tried several writing styles but in the end, I decided that writing in my current style is who I am and I'll try to stick to it.

Blogger has a weird analytics algorithm so the previews aren't really accurate, but it said that we've hit 2 million page views! That's A LOT but not maybe really a lot compared to some other bloggers.


During the past years people liked to read all about my makeup looks, some piercings posts are still pretty much trending and even about my pregnancy. Even if I was never really a mom blogger I can't say that I haven't tried it.

Top Reads

Do you care about the top reads in the past 9 years? Here they are:

pregnancy from week 16 to 21helix microdermalessence gel kit

bronze eyes makeupcatrice HD foundationLidl makeup

My Favorite Posts

Here are all the posts that I loved how they turned out. Some of them are pretty old, some are newer but I still think they are all relevant.
I loved writing and sharing them and I'm pretty proud of them. Here they are:


dark makeupunicorn makeuphalloween makeup ideas


4kidsandus anticellulite creamforeo luna play plusavon mark lipsticks
are liquid lipsticks worth the hypedouble cleansingintimina lily cup

Whew, who knew that putting together three photos in a row in blogger would be that hard? I surely didn't!

And you know what's going on now? I'm finally moving over to Wordpress. Yeah, nine years later but better late than never, right? Right?!

If you want to support me with a coffee (small donation), you can always do it here.

And what better way to celebrate than with a bunch of giveaways? 
That's right there will be several. I've got in contact with my favorite sponsors and they kindly sent over a couple of goodies for all of you!

There will be 1 giveaway each week. If you're curious about the sponsors, you can click on the images below. During the giveaway weeks, the links will be switched directly to the giveaway links. 

Thank you for sticking with me!

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