Pregnancy From Week 16 to 21

Sooo...  it's been a while, hasn't it? 

Week 16:
The nausea was gone, but somehow not completely. Truth to be told everyone said that after the first trimester you have plenty of energy left. Practically, that you have an energy boost. LOL, my ass! 
At this point started the period when I felt carefree (well not exactly since I then quit my job), because I didn't feel pregnant. So I was feeling OK. I think :P. I also got my doctor appointment and she checked the beat of the heart of my baby. So far it was fine. She also said that if the baby will still be so small, that we'll move labour day. 

Week 17:
This is when the exhaustion kicked in. I woke up and after 3 hours I was already dead tired. Really?? 
I couldn't do a sh**, I lost my appetite (not 100% but enough) and I disliked this stake with my whole heart. Doctor told me that if the exhaustion will continue, she'll send me to a test.. :o

Week 18:
My tummy started growing. No really, it grew almost overnight. I was shocked! I didn't expect a big tummy until I was like 6 months pregnant. But with clothes I could still cover it (not that I want to). 
So far nothing special, the exhaustion is slowly going away.

Week 19:
I started panicking. I still didn't feel the kicking of my baby and it drove me nuts. I got all depressed at the thought that he may not be alive anymore. I also got some severe abdominal cramps. And in the lower areas too. Really unpleasant. 

Week 20:
I saw my baby! My dear was with me and we learned that it's a HE. Well it's not 100%, but I feel like it's a he from the beginning so I do think he is a he :P. Not that it matters, since we have names for both genders. 
My belly is growing like mad, I can hardly get off the bed alone (well alright it's not THAT terrible), my back hurts if I sit/stand too much. I started sweating like a pig, and it's winter outside. Also one day I got terrible food cravings. The kitchen was almost with no food (except pasta, which I hated the first trimester) and I wanted wanted wanted food (and I was quite broke, yes!). I got some pizza from my roommate and an apple helped a lot. I mean that food craving was insane. I ate like 10 times I eat normally!! 
Oh the baby started kicking. It was in the end of week 19. It got me off guard and I was shocked. The feeling is.. well like your intestines are moving. Nothing too unpleasant (unless he kicks the bowel). Also the baby is turned with the head down, tho he still has lots of place to move. Plus the baby is growing nicely!

Week 21:
I cleaned my wardrobe, since I couldn't fit in 3/4 of my clothes. Yes, even my pretty clothes. This leaves me with a few pieces and I am wondering if I should get something new (I do still have quite a lot of clothes). Anyway, the baby is super alive and kicking, and even when I got sick (for the weekend from all the stress) he was acting nicely. :)
Now it's supposed to be the time when weight goes up rapidly (so far I've gained about 6kg, I am not really sure).

I don't understand why no one told me that being pregnant is no fun. Everyone (and everything I read until I actually got pregnant) told me that being pregnant is FUN. Well it's not. You have cramps, your back hurts, your legs hurt, sometimes you can't sleep just because you can't, other times you have weird food cravings, then there's the nausea and so on... 

Oh yes, I am complaining. A lot. People say but you're pregnant, you can eat everything and as much as you want! Well WRONG. You should eat healthy and be careful about your weight. Junk food is a no no (even if I loved it the first three months). Hmm what else? The acne. Here nothing helps. And Oh the baby kicks. YES it is a bond with your baby, YES they are lovely. But NO, it's no fun when he kicks somewhere it hurts like a b...  And later the rib cracking kicks, yay.. can't wait to get to those :P.

I do not believe the ladies who say they love being pregnant. Then it just means they didn't expect even 1/3 or the pregnancy problems or they forgot all of them. 

So it's no fun, and even if I'm only at week 21, I can't wait to hold my baby in my arms and get over with this pregnancy.

And no, this doesn't mean I'm a bad person or that I will be a bad mother. Seriously who would like being sick for three months and exhausted the next one and so on?

Next time I will post some photos of my belly (since I didn't get any ultrasound pictures yet). And some pictures of me, if I can  find any (from the start of my pregnancy till now). 

So long for now <3.

All photos are found via Google. 
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