Five Must Have Eyeshadows This Season

Five Must Have Eyeshadows This Season
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Written by Sarah Jones

This season it’s all about the eyeshadow palettes, offering a range of colour combinations and choices all within one easy-to-use compact choice. Palettes provide a range of colours and tones designed to complement each other, offering great value for money.

When brightening up your own make-up bag, why not opt for eye shadow palettes which will give you a range of looks. From daytime muted colours through to evening glitter and sparkle, there are eyeshadow palettes for every occasion. We have selected the five must have eyeshadow collections for this season to help make life easier.

1. Nudes Collection

The perfect palette for daytime wear when you want a subtle but polished look for the office, without looking overly made up. A nude palette will contain pink to brown shades, perfect for day wear. Make sure to choose shades which match your skin tone and team with a nude lipstick or lip gloss for an understated but elegant day look.

This palette should be soft and matte, so avoid sparkly or glittery eyeshadows for this one. It can have quite a wide range of shades but they should all be skin tone-related and teamed with a natural colour eyeliner and mascara such as black, brown or grey.

2. Soft but glam

The next palette you need is a step up from nudes, but still providing an understated and more natural look. Opt for one which contains peaches, pinks and pastel shades, to add a touch of glamour for a daytime event or party. Ideally you want some copper and gold tones in here as well for that hint of sparkle.

This palette is perfect to pop into your handbag if you are going out for drinks after work and want to top up your face before you head out on the town. Team with a copper or coral based lipstick to add a splash of colour.

3. Day to night palette

If you are short of time or don’t want to have lots of different eye shadows then the perfect choice is a day to night palette. This is perfect for girls who want as least fuss as possible, containing neutral shades on one side for day time, with more bolder, glamorous shades on the other side for a night out.

When relying on this kind of palette your choice of colours will be limited so make sure you also have the corresponding lip colours to match your chosen shade. You can’t go wrong with a bold red lipstick for a night out on the town.

4. All out glam gold palette

If you prefer all-out in your face glamour then a gold eye shadow palette is a must-have for your makeup bag. Look for shades from gold through to chocolate brown to create a really dramatic glamorous look, perfect for evening dinner parties and glam nights out on the town.

These sparkling gold hues are also the perfect colour to show off a suntan, making them perfect for this summer season. If you don’t want to go all out glam, opt for a simple sweep of a bold gold colour across your eyelids ready for a beach party.

5. Rainbow palette

If you love to change up your look and match your eyeshadow shade with your outfit each day, then go for a rainbow palette for great value for money. These provide a really wide range of colours from pastel to bright, all in a simple compact which you can carry around conveniently.

These usually provide matte colours, rather than sparkly or metallic ranges, and come in bright, bold shades of all colours. This really is the perfect option if you like to change your look regularly and can be teamed with matching eyeliner and mascara and a muted lip colour.

For the best of all eye shadows this season, invest in a couple of palettes to slot into your handbag and use on a daily basis. At the very least, you need a nude palette shade for day-to-day wear and then a more glam palette collection to change up your look for nights out and parties.

There are literally hundreds of colour combinations out there in eye shadow palettes making them the go-to option when you want to be creative with your make-up. Our selection of the top five palettes means you never need to worry about not having the perfect eye colour for whatever look or style you are aiming for.

And with lipstick palettes also available, you can end up with endless colour combinations at your disposal, just from buying two good palettes which will also fit more neatly into any handbag than individual eyeshadow pots and lipsticks, making them convenient as well as colourful.
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