There are many products that I want to try and there are those that I've already tried and either loved or disliked. 

One of the liked products from Dragocena.si (which is sponsoring this giveaway - thank you!) is the Long4Lashes eyelashes serum. It worked on me and I love the results! I still need to write about it, but now one of you can try it for themselves!
In this lovely giveaway, you can win one of the two sets below.

The giveaway is open internationally. It begins on May 23rd and ends on May 30th
You can enter both giveaways to make your chances higher! 

Set 1:

  • VIPERA Night Bio Serum (anti-acne)
  • DERMOFUTURE Volume Lips Booster

Vipera anti blemish bio serum

Set 2:

  • IKOO Thermal Hair Treatment 
  • Long4Lashes Eyelashes Growth Serum

Long4Lashes Eyelashes Growth Serum

The giveaway is part of our set of several giveaways thanks to CherryColors turning 9!


  1. 9 let je pa res lepa številka. Čestitam in želim ti jih še mnogo ;)

  2. Vse najboljše 🎂
    Osrečujejo me sprehodi v naravi v lepem vremenu s psi, lenarjenje z mucikam in stiskanje z nečakom 😻

  3. My sweet grandchildren make me happy.

  4. Čestitke, še na mnoga leta bloganja ;). Družina, prijatelji, pohajanje me osrečuje :D

  5. Contests and my cat makes me happy.

  6. Čestitke k 9 obletnici ;)

  7. Čestitke ob 9. obletnici :)

  8. Vcasih se mi zazdi, da je tvoj blog cisto nov, potem pa vsake toliko casa omenis tvojega sina in se kar naenkrat zavem, da sem te spremljala ze daaaalec pred njegovim rojstvom :)


  9. Joooooj kolk časa si že želim sprobat en tak serum za trepalnice, čakam objavo!! In seveda čestitke za 9 let bloganja, super si!

  10. Čestitke ob deveti obletnici!


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