4KidsandUS Anti-cellulite Milk

A while ago I received the Anti-cellulite Milk by 4KidsandUs. I didn't really dream of it changing the appearance of my cellulite because I am currently a lost cause (need to lose weight!), but I did like the thought of doing something for my body.  If you remember, I wrote about their Rejuvenating cream here

So what is this milk? 
Anti-cellulite milk stimulates capillary blood flow, penetrates the skin, improves its firmness, revitalizes, moisturizes and soothes it. It also improves the firmness of subcutaneous tissue, softens the epidermis and improves its texture. 

The milk is distinguished by a combination of active ingredients in a blend of essential oils, a high concentration of active herbal extracts, antioxidants, caffeine, natural cold pressed rosehip seed oil and coconut butter. 

You can read more about it, here
And I never thought about it being a magic cream because it's so nicely written What is cellulite in the 4KidsandUs blog, here

Cellulite has been a part of my life since late puberty because of bad food habits (lots of junk food and too little of water), and I think it will stay with me forever. Maybe as drastic looking as it is now, but some "orange" skin is pretty normal, no? I guess :P.

Juggling between "me time" and "do-time"
When you have a kid it's quite hard to juggle between stuff to do that need to be done yesterday, a healthy lifestyle (but actually kids encourage such things, like "mommy let's work out!"), and time to yourself. 

I didn't take enough time for myself in the last three years, but times are changing. My child is big enough to help (or make it a really hard task) to stick to my plans.  And I think that with all the body challenges that are currently going on (#zmigajrit) this little gem is here to stay and to help

So how should you use it?
Recommended use: milk should be thoroughly rubbed into affected body parts in the morning and in the evening. With additional massage blood circulation is improved, resulting in softer, silkier and more beautiful skin. 

How did I use it?
Did I use it in this way? Well, no. If I did, I'd be already out of it and the review would probably be written sooner. But I did use it all over my body after showers
And it did have a slight cooling effect but the thing I liked the most was the scent. It's very like homegrown peppermint. I know it has a bunch of other scents in it, but it's the one I can make out the most.

I liked it so much it gave me cravings for peppermint tea. Luckily I had lots of it in my cupboard since I managed to grow it (well it's gone wild ...) last year. 

How does it look like? 
The cream is this thick, yellow tinted and smooth mixture of delicious smelling ingredients. It spreads like a dream and sinks into the skin quickly
The cooling effect lasts for a couple of minutes and it doesn't make your skin crawl with chills. Which is good. It's not like those cooling creams that are supposed to be used for workouts. Luckily it's a nice and gentle kind of cooling effect

The best thing is that's made with natural ingredients and lots of love.

Let's SOAP it up
With my package, I received their soap that lasted for about two months of daily use. The scent was like those handmade soaps. I don't know if you know what I'm talking about, but it is definitely very soapy. And clean.  Even my kid loved it because it didn't make his hands dry. And I liked it too because a happy kid is equal a happy mother. The pouch was a nice touch, but I didn't use it once the soap was in use. It's now safely tucked away to be re-used in some other way. 

Final thoughts
It didn't make my cellulite go away or vanish in a miraculous way, but that was to be expected. I mean, if it would do so, it would be a miracle and I'd be already showing off to the world my cellulite-free legs. But no, haha. I didn't get it for this reason. I got it as a small "love myself" token that is there to help me go through especially hard days. It has a very uplifting scent and since the company is just so clean and has a motivating story behind, it makes me think that everything is possible.
You can get it here for 24€ (+ the soap) or here for my Slovenian readers. 

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