Makeup Ideas For Halloween

With Halloween around the corner, we picked up these makeup looks so you can have a little help with your costume this year. 

1. The Skull Candy 

If you love this look, you can recreate it with a lot of black eyeshadow, white face paint, and a black eyeliner. A bit of glitter adds the extra sparkle to the look. 

2. The Black Kitty Look

If all you have is a black eyeliner, you can still go around as this fierce kitty cat. Simple and quick to do.

3. Spider Woman

With a little bit more of time and colors, you can create a spiderman or woman mask. 

4. Mouse 

 If you're running out of time and have only a black pencil, this is the look for you. It's created in 3 minutes.

5. Smokey Witch

We created a tutorial for this smokey witch makeup. Easy, dark and sexy for all your dark souled beauties out there. 

6. Undead fiend

If you're more into zombies, this is the look for you. 

7. Hit and run deer

Deer were in the last Halloween, but why not give it a twist and add some bruises here and there? 

These were out ideas for Halloween. 

If you have some fun or creative ideas of your own don't forget to share them in the comments!

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