#QueenofMNY colorful look


I joined the Maybelline contest on Facebook because I really loved the colorful makeup Taya did.  I loved the colors so much that I had to recreate it right away!

I used my beloved Makeup Revolution Geek Palette, that contains all the colors I could possibly need (a review will be up in the upcoming weeks), Catrice Lipstick, foundation and eyebrow powder and Maybelline Sensational mascara

So, let's move right to the pictures! 

I am so happy that I did this makeup because it was so much fun! That means - more fun looks coming soon. I love colors, can't believe I didn't do many of the colorful makeups soon!


  1. Ful lepo <3 Ko bi vsaj meni modra pasala :(

    1. Aydii*: Sej verjetno ti, samo moreš najti pravi odtenek. Zate imam v mislih temno temno modro, hladni podtoni <3.

  2. Precudovito si to naredila in res ti pristaja. Pa vso sreco ti zelim v nagradni igri. :)

    1. Hvala, res je čudovit makeup. Lepo si to naredila <3. Takšne čudovite barve, uf! Sem prav vesela, da sem ga zagledala. In hvala! ^^

  3. Meni je prelepo! <3
    Upam, da dobiš nagradno, držim pesti! ;)


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