Are Liquid Lipsticks Worth The Hype?

Liquid lipsticks have been all the rage since Kylie Jenner made them popular. Or was the Instagrammers who made them popular before?
Either way, they are still in and they seem to be here to stay for a while longer. 

The current trend dictates that the lipsticks should be bold varying from nude colors to more "out of this world" colors, like blue. The finish should be matte or even metallic. 

I know I'm late on this bandwagon, but I guess it's better late than never. I was at first really against all the different brown shades of lipsticks, disliking the similarity to the 90's fashion. But after months of seeing how good they looked on various people, I gave in.

And since I wanted to purchase shades I don't have in my lipstick collection, I went for a nude and a dark brown. And since it was my first time purchasing from Click2Chick, I also purchased a Jordana lipstick in a shade I knew I'd wear - a deep red


Talking about lipstick, I bought my very first liquid lipstick ages ago. From Maxfactor - remember those kits called Lipfinity? Yes, I had one! 
The second one for me was a very pigmented, long lasting and amazing product by Essence - from their Guerilla gardening TE. I loved it and it was a small miracle in a bottle. 
The third one was from Catrice, being called a lip polish. I have a review of it, here


Buying liquid lipsticks got me researching them a lot. And I've learned that Kylie's are great, Color Pop works for some people and others swear by Kat Von D and even Jeffree Star (but his are said to be inconsistent between colors, so it's a hit or a miss). 

But for us, on the old continent, we can get our hands on several brands including Milani and Jordana. And since I heard only amazing things about Milani, I decided to go with this brand. 
As for Jordana, I picked it up hoping that the 5€ extra will be worth it. 


It’s time to put your lipsticks on notice. The Amore Matte Lip Crème has arrived. This revolutionary, highly saturated liquid-to-matte formula dries to a soft, velvety finish for fuller-looking lips. Its double-sided, flexible plush applicator hugs the contours of lips, working to lock in bold, opaque color. Non-sticky, smooth and ready for all-night wear (up to 16 hours!) our Amore Matte Lip Crème is the ultimate transfer resistant kiss-me-matte.

I stopped paying any attention to product claims, because ... let's be honest - 16H of wear? Really? 

The cream lipsticks have a lovely vanilla scent that isn't overpowering. The consistency is thick, cream that spreads like a dream. Both of the colors I have are one coaters. 
I am fairly impressed with the soft doe foot applicator because it does bend a bit and makes the application easier.

From left to right: Milani Amore in 10 Adorable, Milani Amore in 19 Covet, Jordana Cosmetics Sweet Cream Matte in 08 Sweet Marsala Wine.

Once you apply the lipstick, you need to wait up to a minute for it to fully dry. Or if you put on a thicker layer, it may take a bit longer. I like to wait with my mouth open, looking fully stupid.

As you can see, both of the Milani lipsticks are nice and opaque, while the Jordana lipstick is just a disappointment


I must apologize for the application. It's hard to get the sharp ends perfect with a doe foot applicator and I also am not skilled enough, it seems. But I think with practice comes perfection. 

I applied one coat to the whole lips and left it to dry. The lipstick survived drinking (no problem), eating (non-oily foods), but started dissolving after I ate some oily foods (pizza piece). 

The feeling on the lips is fine. It doesn't feel heavy nor drying, but I do feel it (as a thicker layer) when I go over it with my tongue. I would say that on me, it can go up to 8h of wear before I have to re-apply it. Of course, with eating and drinking normally. I'm in love with this color. Weird enough, I think I may love a black lipstick. 


This is my very first nude lipstick that doesn't look off or plain wrong on me. Yay! That has me excited. 

I like that it's more forgiving to mistakes because of its color but you still need to be quick while applying it - it does dry in under a minute. 

As Covet, it is not drying and doesn't crack on my lips. It does start to crumble on the inner corners if it gets in contact with oily food. 

I noticed, that as weird as it sounds, this lipstick turns darker after a couple of minutes. It is still nude, but browner and darker. Not that I mind, but I found it to be interesting. 


I purchased this lipstick just because I liked the idea of a cheap liquid lipstick. 
I was aware that it may not be good, but I hoped that it would be worth the money spent. I know that Mateja talked good about them, here.  I also know that many people like these and I feel that the lighter the color, the better these lipsticks are, because of the poor coverage they offer.

The scent is very artificial but gentle. As in you really have to take a whiff to notice it. 
The lipstick itself feels very light on the lips, a bit drying as all matte products do, but not badly. I don't mind it at all. What I did mind, was the fact that I couldn't get an even coverage to get the supposed color out of the tube. That was a bummer. 

I just tried it again, this time NOT using 3 layers to get the desired coverage and it came out OK. Where I put more product (because there was too much on the wand and I didn't spread it all out quickly enough), you can see darker patches. I also tried to use some concealer to fix some small mistakes around the lips. Eh, not the best idea to do, if you're barely wearing any foundation. 

To me, it looks more like a tinted lip balm/lipstick hybrid that wants to be a liquid mat lipstick. It's weird, really. I wouldn't dream getting the supposed color out of it, but I am finally OK with it. 

If I go over it with my tongue it feels dry and my lipsticks look moist for a minute or two before it turns back matt. Kind of cool. Also, it doesn't survive any eating or drinking. So ladies, use a straw.


I like liquid lipsticks. They are messier to apply, but the one coat of pure bliss makes it all worth it. Depending on the brand the longevity and consistency vary but there are sure some gems out there. I can't wait to try some more liquid lipsticks tho, I'm slightly obsessed

Which brands should I try next? 


  1. Jaz sem zadnje čase tudi "rahlo" obsedena s tekočimi mat šminkami. :P skos gledam, kje bi lahko naročila/sprobala kakšno novo, še nepoznano, hihi. :P
    Trenutno sem najbolj navdušenad nad Milani in Makeup Factory lip fluidom. <3 Imam pa še Bourjois Velvete, MAC retro matte tekočo šminko, NYX soft lip cream (vse te zelo rada uporabljam) in Makeup Revolution (ki ni nevem kaj). Sem si pa pred kratkim naročila še dve od Sleek matte me in eno od Pupa I'm mat fluid - komaj čakam, da probam. :)) Me pa mikajo še tiste od Gerard cosmetics, od Tanya Burr (soft luxe collection), NYX lingerie (ampak so mi te tri nedostopne, ker bi jih morala naročiti iz tujine), Golden Rose ter Jordana (vem, da so pri zadnjih dveh znamkah precej mešana mnenja, zato kolebam). :)) Sem pa ravno gledala na Moji drogeriji, da imajo še od znamk L.A. girl in LA Splash - me prav zanima, kako bi se te obnesle. :D
    Sta mi pa oba tvoja Milani odtenka zel všeč na tebi (kolikor sem vidla v enem videu in na fotki). <3 Res ti pašeta.

    1. Ohhh ja, tekoče šminke <3.
      Menda so točno te, Gerard cosmetics super dobre. Sem ravno danes nekje brala. Tako, da super ideja.
      Lip fluid praviš? Bo za pogledat. Kar se tiče Golden Rose teh mat zadev, ima sestra eno rjavo (tako temno, ki vleče na rdečkasto) in je ok. Nima nekega vonja, ni pa niti pol tako obstojna kakor Milani. LA girls so bojda bolj mehhh. In hvala za kompliment, meni je rjava takoooo zelo zelo všeč <3.

  2. I have three Milani Amore Mattalics (LE) and they are gorgeous. Matt and metallic, feel great on the lips. I have also tried the L.A. Girl liquid lipsticks, but those are very drying and get messy if you want to reapply it after eating

    1. Ohh, the metallics look amazing! I wish I had thought of them before purchasing mine. Thank you for the input about the L.A. Girl liquid lipsticks, I'm definitely staying away from them, since I like to eat an drink. A lot :D.

  3. Super post! Milani nude odtenek zgleda aweesooome! Js se nimam nobene liquid sminke, niti me ne mikajo neki :). Itak pa mam vecinoma mat navadne sminke in je prakticno konc koncev isti efekt. Mal weird random kompliment: Ful mi je vsec tvoja anglescina! :) Sem vesela, ko najdem koga, ki se dejansko zna pravilno in non-repetitively izrazat. <3 ;*

    1. Čaki kaj? Sem trikrat prebrala. Všeč ti je moja angleščina? WOw, hvala! V bistvu imam ful filing, da pišem na nivoju 9 letnika in me včasih ful mori, haha. Takrat začnem iskat vse možne opcije, da izboljšam svojo angleščino, heh (Btw, če imaš voljo je super Hemingway editor, da vidiš kako berljiv si in grammarly za napakice). V bistvu ful zanimiv kompliment, hvala. :D
      Ja, mat šminke so podoben šmorn, ampak liquid makes it a notch more difficult hahahaha. :D

  4. Milanike so superrr imam tut Milani v mat v klasični obliki pa vseeno še vedno raje posegam po tekoči:) Kupujem pa zadnje čase samo še mat:)

    1. Ja, mat so zakon. Ne vem več zakaj, ampak so zakon. Po mojem me je tako zelo spral ta trend, da sem že čisto out. Hočem samo mat :D :D :*

  5. Makeup factory lip fluide probaj, so dobri, ampak nimajo tako dobre obstojnosti kot milani.
    Sem pa tudi jas sprobala jordana šminko in ni bila tak slaba kot tvoj odtenek, ampak ni bila neki presežek. Sem prebrala, da je baje ful odvisno od odtenka kakšna kakovosti je. :D

  6. Metallic so najboljše <3

    Pa tudi te matte niso slabe :)

    Sami hudi odtenki! <3


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