Avon Mark Plump it Lipsticks

Avon Mark Plump it Lipstick

Finally a topic I know the words to describe (in comparison with the perfume reviews where there weren't enough words to describe the complexity of them)!

I've had these Avon Plump it Lipsticks for quite some time and they've grown to be one of my favorites

I love the creamy formula that is so easy to work with. 

Avon Mark Plump it Lipsticks

This lipstick is formulated with retinol retexturizes lips for plumper, firmer, smoother and softer lips. 
I've tried and used Avon's lipsticks before. I enjoyed them and thought they were brilliant

And when Avon came out with their new line Mark I was most intrigued about the new lipsticks
That's because I swatched some of them on the Avon Mark event I went to a couple of months ago. 
They were buttery and super pigmented. I was in awe.

There is also a line called The Bold Lipstick that looks exactly the same packaging wise, but the colors are different.

I don't remember getting any of them in my goodie bag so I asked Avon's PR team if they'd be willing to send me some to test them out. 

Do you know what I got? This:
Avon Mark Plump it Lipstick

It also boosts moisture by up to 115% for youthfully smooth lips. Comes in 10 plumping shades with SPF 15. 

That's ... a lot of lipsticks. I was overwhelmed but I wanted to try them all out. All of them! 

But of course, it took me a while to get to use them and try them all. 

Avon Mark Plump it Lipstick

The lipsticks come wrapped in a black plastic wrapper so you are 100% sure it wasn't used by someone else. 

The design is simple, black and white and reminds me of the 90's. 
At the bottom of the lipstick, there's a sticker with the shades' name. The possible downside is not knowing which color is which once the lipsticks are all set on a stand

I tested 9 colors. 

Avon Mark Plump it Lipstick

Avon Mark Plump it Lipstick

Rose Kisses: A neutral pink that is suitable for everyone. Very wearable. 
Pink Pop: A pink shade with cool undertones. Very pigmented. 
Rebel Red: A deep red with blue undertones, it looks almost deep fuchsia but it's red. 

Avon Mark Plump it Lipstick

Avon Mark Plump it Lipstick

Mad for Mauve: The lesser pigmented lipstick from the bunch I have. It's a light pink mauve color. 
Berry Cute: A fun berry color. Better pigmentation than the Mad for Mauve, but still less pigmented than the Roasted red. 
Roasted Red: A beautiful deep red with orange undertones. 

Avon Mark Plump it Lipstick

Avon Mark Plump it Lipstick

Cocoa Kisses: A light brown, almost nude color. 
Cantaloupe: A warm orange. Looks interesting on me. 
Choco Latte: A deep warm brown. 

Swatches on my arm:
Avon Mark Plump it Lipsticks

Avon Mark Plump it Lipsticks

The colors are amazing and if I had to pick a couple of favorites it would be Rebel Red, Berry Cute, and Roasted red. 

All the lipstick have a slight bubble gum scent to them. 

What about longevity? 

Since these are not matte, the feeling they leave on the lips after the application is lovely and very comfortable. My lips feel moisturized. 
I'd say they last on me for about 2-3 hours, depending on what I do. But I usually drink a lot of water, so there's that. 

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Did you try any of the new Avon lipsticks? 

*The products were sent to me by the company or their PR for review purposes. My reviews are always honest. This post contains affiliate links.

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