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Invisibobble SPRUNCHIE

Invisibobble SPRUNCHIE

Invisibobble. What a fun name. Kind of hard/funny to pronounce but it's a name that is easy to remember. 

Anyway, lately, I've been more into haircare and into keeping my curls as hydrated as I can. Because that's probably what they're lacking (I still need some extra time to read all about the curly method). 

And since I am kind of managing them I also need something that will keep my curls intact for when I need to have my hair in a bun or a ponytail. Which is sadly most of the time. 

And because those classic elastics are death for curls, I got kind of excited about scrunchies. They are coming back from the '90s and I couldn't be happier. I mean, they aren't the prettiest thing around (tho some are!), but they are comfortable and won't damage your hair.

But I liked the idea of having an invisibobble scrunchie which was kindly sent to me from Notino
Let's see what exactly it is. 

3 Important Steps for Proper Wig Washing

Steps for Proper Wig Washing
Guest Post

Wigs are considered invaluable because of the many things they can do for the wearer. Cancer
patients and sufferers of alopecia and thinning hair use wigs to help hide their condition or give a boost of self-confidence. Wigs can also be used for fashion as they can instantly add volume, length or color to the hair without bleaching or coloring it.
If you want to keep your wig looking fresh and new, there are certain things you can do for maintenance. Wigs are often exposed to heat and styling products as well as the oils in the scalp. Those substances can get trapped in the strands and cap of the wig.

One of the best ways to get rid of the oil and grime is to wash your wig. Beginners may find this type of wig care intimidating, but it is important. Below are some tips you should check out.

Viskon 1-Day Iridescent Gray

Viskon 1-Day Iridescent Gray

It's been quite a long time since I wrote about contact lenses. The last time I talked about daily contact lenses was when I reviewed Waldo contacts.

And even longer ago when I reviewed some circle lenses. The last time I reviewed the Beaucon Natural Gray Lenses. 

Today I have something completely different and yet so similar to both of those reviews. I'm reviewing the daily circle lenses by Viskon

LUSH Catastrophe Cosmetics Fresh Mask

LUSH Catastrophe Cosmetics Fresh Mask

Another day - another LUSH mask. Haha, I'm just kidding. I just want to review them while I'm using them as the memory of their performance is still fresh. It makes sense, right? 

This time we're talking about the mask Catastrophe Cosmetics which is full of fresh blueberries.
That's also the first thing you notice when opening the pot - a deliciously smelling mask that has a funny texture. It feels like a bit of a regular clay mask (even if it doesn't contain clay) with a bit of a stickiness (during application) and chunks of blueberries. It's a different mask. 



Lately, I've been into hair care and with it comes several styling products. Why several? Because I am still on the lookout for the perfect product(s) that will help me make my curls gorgeous. 

One of such products is the L'Oreal Stylista #bun gel spray. And the other is the L'Oreal Stylista #braid milk. But today I'll focus only on the bun gel spray. 

Notino kindly sent me both for review purposes. 

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