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Essence I Love Extreme Waterproof

Essence I Love Extreme Waterproof

I've been a fan of Essence products since I started writing this blog. So, it's been a while. There have been some flops but also many gems in-between.

And I think I found a new one - this jumbo mascara. I'm calling it jumbo even if its full name is Essence I love Extreme - waterproof

It's a chunky one. But it also has a non-waterproof sister which comes in a black packaging with pink letters. There's also a volumizing version in a pink package with black letters. I mean, we've got the whole family!

The mascara comes in a blue tube that is hard to pass by - it screams "pick me, pick me"! But that's not why we buy mascaras, right? 

BodyBoom Body Scrub

BodyBoom Body Scrub

Since the beginning of the quarantine, I've got more time to focus on my skin. That's because we've been renovating our apartment (my sister and I) and that's hard work. With hard work comes a lot of showering. 
And since then I've noticed that I've got a "fun" skin condition that well, a lot of people have - keratosis pilaris. It's small reddish bumps on my skin aka chicken skin. I have most of them on my arms. They aren't treatable but can get less visible with certain products and routines.

Anyway, I've decided to see what does a regular old' scrub do for my skin. But this time I'm using a scrub that comes packaged in a lovely package. Let's check it out! 

Nature Box Shampoo & Conditioner

Nature Box Pomegranate Shampoo

Haircare is something that's been on my mind in the last few months. That's because my twin sister has these amazing locks and well, I wanted them too!

She told me about the basic haircare steps she uses and one of the staples in her haircare is the Nature Box line. Luckily for me, I saw that Notino carries this brand as well. Well, here's how it worked for me. 

Tips When Buying Moc Toe Extra Width Boots

Tips When Buying Moc Toe Extra Width Boots
Guest Post

Moc toe boots are pieces of footwear with a material covering the top of the vamp. This material extends to the toe, thereby creating a “moc” area. These boots are ideal for different scenarios,
including outdoor work and casual walking.

Searching for the right pair of extra-wide moc toe boots can be a challenge. But, it’s not an impossible task to find the best pair of moc-toe extra wide boots. So, here are tips to help you out in this endeavour.

Getting Rid of Dry, Flaky Skin for Good

Getting Rid of Dry Skin
 Guest Post

Dry, flaky skin is a real pain. Not only does it look terrible but it’s impossible to apply flawless makeup to dry skin. Dry skin is also apt to be sore, too. If you suffer from dry skin, read on for some handy tips. 
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