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Secret Key Galactomyces Starting Treatment Essence

A long time ago, I used galactomyces and loved it. It was from a different brand (Elizavecca) and it was a very long time ago. 
However, I do remember distinctively that it did a difference in my skin. A very subtle one, so I couldn't point my finger on it.

When I stopped using it, I realized that it did something and that something was quite big. But with so many products in my repertoire, I quickly forgot about it.

 Then, after a couple of years, I remembered the ingredient - galactomyces and decided to try it again. I mean, I thought it was awesome for some reason, so why not?

I picked the brand Secret Key because I read that it was a really good duplicate for the Missha Time Revolution. It's a Korean brand and to tell the truth, I loved it. I had it in the Rose version, which is the same as the original, just with a rose scent. 

Then, a couple of months ago, I noticed that Notino carries the brand Secret Key. I squealed in delight when I noticed it. I mean, I could finally get another go at the Galactomyce Essence! And because I was able to get it from them, It's finally time for a proper review.

Renovality Plum Oil

Renovality Plum Oil Review

I am a fan of oils that can be used in my skincare regime. I actually started my skincare journey with oil - the jojoba oil. It helped me get my skin back to a healthy barrier. 

But later I've ditched all the oils and used mostly just creams or vaseline as the last step.
But now as I'm going back to basics - which means that my regime is really simple just 3 products, I decided to add an oil product.

And not just any oil. An oil I've never used before. Plum oil

BrushArt Cartoon Collection

BrushArt Cartoon Collection

I have received a parcel that I think is the cutest ever! I mean, it's multicoloured and contains things with faces on them, I mean, super cute! 

I'm talking about the new Notino BrushArt Cartoon collection that screams "kawaii". 

Daylong Face SPF 50+ Sensitive Fluid

Daylong Face SPF 50+ Sensitive Fluid

I've been wanting to write this post for so long! 
I've had this sunscreen for about 3 months and I've been using it daily! Now I'm finally ready to share my thoughts about it. 

But first thing first - I got mine kindly sent in by Notino for review purposes. 

FOREO LUNA 3 | CherryColors

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