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Makeup Revolution Holographic Nail Polish - Galactical

Makeup Revolution Holographic Nail Polish - Galactical

It's been a while since I did a nail post. I mean, it's been really a while. It's mostly because I haven't added any new nail polish to my collection (which I've downsized quite a lot). The other reason is that I usually wear gel polishes. I like the ultra-shiny look they have.

But do you know for which kind of nail polish I'm willing to make an exception? A holographic one, of course! Those are fun, made out of millions of shiny particles. Lovely!

I jumped in excitement when I realized that Makeup revolution has a holo nail polish line!
I picked one that on the promo photos looked like a red holo polish - Galactical.

Victoria's Secret PINK Petal Vibes

Victoria's Secret PINK Petal Vibes

As we slowly approach Autumn it's time to start with some gentler scents. 
One of those is a body mist by Victoria's Secret. It's a Limited Edition that can be still bought on several different sites. Its name is fresh and young as the scent itself is -  PINK Petal Vibes.
I got mine from Notino which also carries a bunch of other interesting perfumes and body mists.

VIdeo: Pobarvala sem se V ROZA

I did something - I dyed my hair into pink. Magenta to be exact. Ooops!

Video: Moja Zbirka Parfumov

I decided to start publishing my videos on my blog too! This way it will be easier to keep them all in one place.

The latest video is about my perfume collection. :)

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