New In: May 2016

This month has been, wow, well how to put it? Very full with PR products. I thought that last month was "full", but no, this month definitely wins!

But let's go through all the new products :). 

I added them in no special order, just posted them at random. So it doesn't mean anything at all if a product is at the top or at the bottom.

I got my favorite Terra Naturi's highlighter. I talked about it here, and I still believe in what I wrote about it. 

The next is Essence's new At the Beach house TE which I already reviewed here

I received a package from Nivea and what was inside excited me. Why? Because it contained a sunscreen for kids (and me haha) and some toys and a UV checker for my kid. I really like that Nivea has such special PR packages from time to time. YAY! I already tested it on the DM tek (and re-applied it after about 4 hours on my kid) and it worked fine. No burns plus it has a nice scent. 

During this month, I stopped and Yves Rocher's store in BTC to check what they have to offer. I tried their makeup about two years ago, check it out here, so this time I went for these cute Olive Oil shower gel & body milk. Plus a rough anticellulite (or for dry brushing) glove. 

While I was walking in Ljubljana from the Lancome event, I spotted some ladies who were talking about health - to be exact our ladyparts health. They had these Multi-Gyn samples which I decided to grab because in a case of an emergency they should do the trick. I also know the brand and I do like their products. 

I was sent two Nuxe Bio Beaute products from their new range - one is a body oil and the other is a deodorant. The deodorant contains no Aluminium and this got me excited. The oil smells delicious but gets used up really fast. I still have to review these two :). 

I repurchased a favorite from last Summer - L'Occitane CC cream (but I didn't like it anymore during autumn) because it was perfect for humid weather. And with humid weather approaching, you can also find a review here

Of course, I had to try this "wake up" shower gel by L'Occitane. A travel size because I don't have the patience to use up a whole bottle of it and also because of the price. 

When I first discovered the new Essence shade called "Shade of Happiness" I had to have it. I don't really have a similar color in my collection and thus, it called my name. With it, I got an All in one multipurpose top/base polish

I purchased the Oriental scent by Essence because when I first smelled it, I didn't buy it and the next time it was gone. I got a goodie with it - Catrice golden and silver body tattoos. The lipstick... I can't say much about it yet. :P 

Eucerin surprised me by sending me their new CC cream that has an SPF of 50. Hello yes! High SPF is my jam. But it's more like a tinted cream and makes me quite sad to see that it's not waterproof. I like my sunscreen not to melt when it comes in touch with a rain droplet. 

I was excited when I found out about a product called NooCube. What is it? I'll tell you more in a separate post about it :).

We got some lovely samples from LaBri at their event. 

I was sent a gift by a friend and it in she included the Essence nail polish in Party Nights. Thank you! 

Next, we have a whole line of facial care by Oriflame. It's incredible. It's a WHOLE line for everyone that is 20-30 years old. I'm excited to try it, but it may take a while for me to properly test it. 

I really liked the Little Eyebrow Monsters By Essence and when I had the chance I got myself some eyebrow stencils. Why? To see how I can improve my eyebrow "look" from time to time :3.

And all the goodies we got in our Melvita PR bag. Their new Roses line. I am already testing the lip balm aka balm for dry parts. It smells wonderful, like roses! 

Of course, when I went to grab my starting number for the DM tek (DM run event) I got a bag full of products. I tried some of them (like the Ariel caps which are brilliant, I need more of them!! or the Depend nail polish - beautiful!) and I am quite happy with what we got. Truth to be told, I won't use the pads, so I'll give them away as soon as I get the chance to. 

I also received the Brusegg that since then is one of the two little brush helpers. Who's the other one? Read here

And some nail goodies I couldn't resist. And the quick dry drops. I think it's my 3rd bottle? I don't know but I do swear by these! All are by Essence

I got a bunch of lovely goodies from L'Oreal Lux which includes the Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara, their mini La Vie Est Belle, the Lancome's serum and a two-phase makeup remover product and also a cream facial cleanser. 

I forgot to add to the bunch before the Lancome small eye pencil which is super sharp :D. I got a Skin Blossom hand cream that also smells like roses - it must be a new "theme" in my collection and a Phyto hair balm (before shampoo). 

And since it was the month of splurging (or what?!) I got myself the new palette from Makeup Revolution - Fortune Favors the Brave by BBB and so far I'm not impressed. But I am still impressed with the Aqua seal that I just love.  It's a makeup primer/sealant tho I prefer to use it to mix it with an eyeshadow on the back on my hand to make it super hard to remove :D (also stays all day on my oily eyelids). 

Avon also surprised me with their new Glow Bronzing pearls and their dual-ended kohl eyeliner. I have high hopes for the nude part of it. 

Of course, the month didn't end when I received this extra big packaging from LIDL Slovenija. And on the same day, I got Oriflame's goodies (facial masks!) - on the upper left part of the photo. 

And then I received a product that promises relief for intolerant skin (mine is more into the sensitive waters than intolerant) from Bioderma

And finally, the goodies we got in the Lancome goodie bag from the Event. With the newly launched Energie de Vie serum by Lancome and a Jucy shaker and of course the CC Cushion

Now, it will probably take me months to test and review all of these products. But if you want any of these on the priority list, do tell me in the comments. :) 

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