Using a menstrual cup [LaliCup]

I've been using a menstrual cup for the past 6 years. At first, I was skeptical. And a bit scared. I mean, it does look quite big at fist. But then I learned how to use it and loved it ever since. 

I was always using the Lunette brand of menstrual cups (I was on my 2nd after giving birth), and I was really happy when I heard that a Slovenian brand that was originally selling those cups came out with their own menstrual cup. 

So, let me present you - the first Slovenian menstrual cup - LaliCup

They say:

LaliCup - go with the flow. Available in three different sizes (S, M and L) and made from medical silicones. No latex, no BPA. 

Their website is very cute (currently only in Slovenian) and has a lot of useful tips. 

I received a menstrual cup in size M in dark blue. I was super happy because the color is beautiful and after a closer inspection, I could notice a flower pattern made out of the grip lines. It does actually look like a rose, for our beautiful flowers. How adequate! 

With my menstrual cup, I got a small packet of water based lubricant - AquaGlide. It's on the thicker side but does help with insertion of the cup. 

The second thing I noticed is that the cup is very soft. Since I only used the Lunette cup, which is on the firmer side, I was worried that it would just slip out, without creating enough vacuum for it to hold. 

Luckily that wasn't true, but I had to go up one size to get the most out of it - M size just didn't do it for me. It kept slipping out during my period. And that's one thing I didn't need, haha. :) 

But the L size (meant for all the ladies with a heavy flow or the ladies that gave birth) was just perfect. It didn't slide anywhere or bother me at all. 

I tested it for a bit more than two full menstruation cycles and in the first one, I was missing my Lunette. I was used to be able to grab something firmer while I would pull the cup out. But the second month I just got used to it and ever since I had no problems whatsoever. I forgot that I switched brands. It's just really comfortable

I have a very low lying cervix, I have to cut the steam. I do that for all my menstrual cups and this was no exception. Otherwise, it would be sticking out and making me feel super uncomfortable! 

Using a menstrual cup doesn't gross me out. On the contrary. When I was using sanitary pads/tampons I hated my period. I disliked everything about it, from how messy it was to how uncomfortable those damn pads were. And what if I wanted to wear shorts? Or a skirt? Everyone would know that I'm on my period! Okay, maybe not everyone, but you get the gist. 

After I switched to menstrual cups, there were none of those problems. The cleaning is easy (just run it under tap water, and if you're in a public toilet, use some toilet paper to clean it out, or a bottle of water, whatever really), maintaining even easier (boil it after every cycle) and practically no one can say you're wearing it. No leaks, no messy stuff in your panties and the best thing? You can easily go on the beach with it
I remember seeing young girls (mid school?) at the beach, fully dressed, sitting on towels and looking all murky, because they were on their periods. I was the same! 

Let me break it down for you

  • + Environmentally friendly
  • + One lasts from 5-10 years
  • + You're saving money (hello, one package of 10 pads is like what, 3€?)
  • + Non-messy!
  • + Super comfortable
  • + Easy to maintain
  • + Cleaning and reusing it is quick and simple
  • + Different ways to fold it, so you can play with that until you find your fold
  • + Doesn't stink (oh god the smell of soaked pads, omg, the memories!)
  • + You can go swim with it, or sleep with it
  • + Doesn't dry out ladyparts out

  • - It takes some time getting used to it. It took me 4 cycles of getting used to it before I finally accepted it as my own. You can find my (very old) review here
The truth is, that the menstrual cup, well, the use of one, made me accept my period as part of myself. As a part of being a woman. It empowered me.

Would I recommend it?
Hell yes! I'm an avid menstrual cup fan and user and I think that every lady needs one. Seriously. The brand doesn't really matter as long as you find it comfortable and it's made out of medical silicone. 
But yes, if you want to support Slovenian products, here you go. A great brand with three different cup sizes to choose from. I'm happy with it and I'll keep using it for the next, hmm.. probably more than 5 years. :D 

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