Essence - JUICE IT - You're one in a Melon

Essence came out with the cutest TE ever (check it out here) - JUICE IT! Of course, the hair brushes were sold out in minutes, but when I got to it, there were all the nail polishes remaining. 
I picked just one, because self-control, you know?

Fruit up your life! on summery shirts, as cool accessories or as creative nail art styles – super cute fruit is everywhere this season. we offer you lots of juicy beauty-pieces in our new trend edition “juice it!”.

the colours in the collection are reminiscent of a mixed peach, watermelon and cherry fruit basket, and the gel-like, partially scented textures conjure-up spring colour effects on the lips and nails. favorites include the jelly tint lipstick with a semi-transparent formula and a unique colour effect as well as the detangle brush with a cool kiwi look. the fragrant nail stickers with lots of little fruit designs ensure colourful eye-catchers on the nails and the fruity-floral fragrance of the eau de toilette with cherry, nectarine sorbet and tonka bean is sure to put you in the mood for summer.

I was considering picking two of them - the red and the pink but later said no to the red. I guess my love for pink is stronger than my love for red?! Ohh, such deep thoughts, haha. 

Okay, but let's talk about the nail polish which has a PUN in its name. It's called "You're one in a Melon". :D I laughed so hard when I saw it, haha. So silly ;)!

Since it's been years from the last time I wore a jelly polish, I wasn't so sure as what to expect. 
I applied two layers of nail polish, the consistency is okay, a bit runny at times (it's a jelly after all) . There was no VNL (visible nail line) after I applied it on my nails. The drying time is super quick - I think about 5 minutes per layer. I couldn't believe it since if I remember correctly jelly polishes took ages to dry. But I guess not anymore?

The pink reminds me of pink lollipops, semi-sheer and just cute. It also screams "Summer & Young", so I think this is one of the first polishes that will be in my Summer polish rack. I usually pick polishes depending on my mood, but it seems that as I grow older, I am liking some sort of routine even more.  

If you're feeling old and non-fun, you can skip it. Otherwise, it's super fun and the glossy look is here to stay. SUPER GLOSSY! 

Would you wear it? ;) 

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