The Ultimate Cheat On Cleaning Brushes

We all love clean brushes, clean and ready to be used.  But what about cleaning them? For me, it's the ultimate evil task. I dislike it. It's tedious, takes too long and just steals the time of my day that I'd prefer doing something else. Like napping. 

The only brushes I clean right away are the ones that get in contact with liquids or creams.  But that is about one brush per day or a couple of days if I'm walking around foundation-free. 
So, when I received a brush cleansing product I was feeling conflicted. Happy, because I'll finally have a dedicated cleaning product. Sad because that means I'll have to clean my brushes. Probably sooner than later. 


Freedom Pro Studio Brush Cleanser is the professional makeup artist’s perfect on-the-go solution to instantly sanitise, cleanse and condition makeup brushes. SLS and Sulfate free. Get it here.

The brush bath comes in a huge pot and inside you can find the cleansing product. It's solid and I was worried how to use it. Would it lift from the pot if I just dipped my brush in it? 

The cleansing agent looks like a solid white soap , smells like artificial peaches and the scent intensifies as you use it. At moments, it gets extremely strong, so strong, that I felt slightly nauseous. 


The BrushEgg is used to help with the deep cleaning process of makeup brushes. The BrushEgg is - Compact - Quick, Easy, Affordable AND Effective! - Reduces the use of Brush Cleaning Solution (which dries out bristles). Get it here.

Funny, little, device that is shaped like an egg that is supposed to help with cleaning your brushes. I must admit that I was intrigued because if you have a lot of brushes, you need something other than your palm to clean them, simply because with 50+ brushes your palms start to hurt!  

It looked like it could work. So, I grabbed my dirty blush brush (Sigma is still holding on strong, and it's been 5 years), the Freedom Brush Bath and the Brushegg. 

And went to work. It was quite difficult taking pictures of the Brushegg because I had my fingers in it and was holding the brush with my other hand. 

The Freedom brush bath does foam quite a bit and makes cleaning brushes so much easier. The Brushegg helps too because now my palms don't have to take all the brushes pressing onto them and all the soap which would result in dry hands.  It makes all the cleansing motions and rinsing easy peasy. It also makes the cleaning process faster because of the ridges and bumps. 

And the result. I guess I'm never getting the pink pigment out (it didn't happen in years, so I guess it just won't happen at all).

I'm happy with the Brush Bath because the foam is thick and heavy and smells nice (even if at times too strong). The Brushegg is cute and helps save my palms, but I find that it's so much better with cleaning smaller brushes, because of the size. It does clean nicely big brushes, just not huge brushes (as my kabuki brush from the latest Essence TE). The only downside to the Brushegg that I have noticed is that if you're not careful while cleaning your brushes, you can get some water into the egg and then you aren't sure why your hand is all wet when you go to dry your brush. :P 

After I'm done I just let everything dry. Like this :). The Brush Bath dries on its own in a couple of hours and the BrushEgg is quick to dry (it's made from silicone). 

Now my life is easier and my brushes are happy. Also, I'm at a lesser risk of eye or skin infections because of dirty brushes. Hah! :D

What do you think about my two helpers?

You can get the Freedom Makeup Brush Bath here, and the Brushegg here

*These products were sent to me by the company or their PR. My reviews are always honest.
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