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I received a couple of products from the upcoming The Beach House collection by Essence. I was eyeing some products before and I was really happy that I didn't have to search for them in stores before I get to show them to you. You can view the whole TE on the official page, here.

I think it's a cute little trend edition, but let me tell you a little more about the story behind it, before getting there. 

Everything is better at the beach! clear blue skies and the endless open space of the ocean: essence will be experiencing some unforgettable moments down by the sea with the trend edition “the beach house”.
Aquatic turquoise and petrol, sandy shades, off-white and pink as well as coral as contrasting colours create a light, summery make-up look. Four nail polishes with maritime effects like the “water shine” finish ensure cool styles and the beach glow fluid provides sunshine girls with a light tan. And to make sure that all beach beauties don’t have to go without their favorite products when they are out and about, there’s a mini beach bag with plenty of room for essential beauty pieces.
Every summer writes its own story, especially when you spend it with your best friends… and essence!

The collection will be available all through June 2016 to July 2016
I received 5 products from this TE and I'll tell you a little bit about every one of them.

Kabuki brush - it's super fluffy!

Surf those waves! the kabuki brush with soft and supple synthetic bristles is ideal for the duo blush, but can also be used with all other powder textures – no matter whether loose or pressed. in a zig-zag pattern with starfish designs and a cute message.

My thoughts:
I was shocked how big it is. Big and fluffy. I found it hilarious that the brush bristles are weaved, but it's what makes it even fluffier. The quote "it's so fluffy I'm gonna die" comes to mine (Despicable Me 1). It's suggested that you use it with the oversized blush or similar products. And that's what I did. I used it with the blush and in an instant (it picks a lot of product) I looked like a clown. That wasn't exactly the look I was going for. I have to admit that it did blend the blush in well, but still, it's too big for blush. Yet, it is just perfect for a tad of bronzer of setting powder. Even if the bristles are synthetic they are soft and not scratchy at all. It's one of the many Essence brushes! It will be priced at about 5€. 

Lipstick in A Summer kinda girl 

Shiny lips. the core lipsticks in coral and pink provide the lips with a summery touch of colour. thanks to the contrasting shade of the core, the colours blend to create unique results in a “beach bleached” look.
My thoughts:
The lipstick looks super fun with the contrasting core and I was eager to try it on. My lips are pigmented so I was hoping for the best. The lipstick in shade A Summer kinda girl is a gentle peachy color with warm undertones. On the lips, it's more on the sheer side but it does also feel pretty great. Moisturizing and non-chalky. The staying power isn't a thing to consider since I guess it was meant for fresh Summer lips, more than something longer lasting. This means that the lipstick didn't survive any eating or drinking. I think I'll use it as a daily lipstick since it's such a gentle shade. Will be priced at about 3€. 

Aren't the designs of the Blush & Eyeshadow pretty?! 

 Duo Blush - With great size comes great pigmentation

Fun in the sun. the two-tone blush in pink-coral gives the cheeks a fresh look. the soft surface of the blush is also decorated with the cool zig-zag embossment.

My thoughts:
It seems that the theme was "big and colorful" in this collection as the blush is huge. I don't mind that, but I'm scared that it would break during a fall and bye bye summer vibes.  The pigmentation is definitely stunning and it does transfer well from the brush to the skin. It does also last for the whole day, so I'm happy with it. I like the duo design, it reminds me of tribal designs. It will be priced at about 3,60€. 

Duo Eyeshadow in Sea you soon!

Beach beauty! two eyeshadows with fresh colour combinations – ivory-sand and white-coral – create gorgeous colour effects on the eyes. the cool zig-zag embossment on the surface is a true eye-catcher, too!

My thoughts:
The zigzag design is an eye catcher and looks stunning in such a little pot. The pigmentation is okay (on the swatches), but looks a bit too close to my skin tone. I was hoping for the best while I did a makeup look with it, but since the colors look too close to my skin tone (and are so light) they didn't show up on my eyelid. And the biggest disappointment was that the lighter of the colors is so damn chalky! If you miss it, you won't miss much. Will be available in stores for about 2,20€.

And at last, the product that caught my eye as I first saw the PR images. Of course, I'm talking about:

Beach Glow Fluid - Bronzer in a tube

tantastic! the beach glow fluid ensures a gorgeous complexion – just like you’ve spent the day at the beach. you can add targeted highlights to your face and neckline with the light texture. alternative, the fluid can be mixed with a day cream to create a subtle glow.

My thoughts:
Just look at it. Yes, look at it. It comes in such a beautiful packaging. Fresh, fun and absolutely light.
With such great packaging, I was, of course, hoping for a great product. But did it deliver?
The tube is sturdy and would survive traveling or you know, mingling at the beach. But let's talk about the little cream inside. You need just the tiniest drop to get enough to cover both of your cheeks. Or your whole face. I applied it on my cheeks and I looked tanned in an instant. And refreshed. Like I just came from the beach. It's glorious! A must have, for all us pale ladies (and actually, everyone!) that want a quick "oh I'm so relaxed" boost to our look.  It is also subtle enough that it's not in your face. Of course, you have to be careful with how much you use since it's highly pigmented. I liked that I didn't get a sticky feeling after applying it. It felt lightweight on my skin.  Will be priced at about 3,80€

Final thoughts about the TE:
If you want to buy just one product from the collection, get the Beach Glow Fluid. If you're not into that or want to get two products, get the blush and the kabuki. I love how soft it is and the blush is highly pigmented. Overall I am a fan of this little trend edition and am a little bit curious about the nail polishes. 

What will you get from this TE?

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