New in: April 2016

How does it go?
Oh right! A new month has come to an end, which means it's time to share what I got during the month. 

Are you curious? Then come with me and let me show you all the new goodies I got :).

Somewhere at the beginning of the month, I got this huge package from Lidl. They really outdid themselves because I got their full cosmetics range! Yes, that's true. I got lip balms, nail polishes, and foundations. :D 

I already have the pictures taken, memories made and thoughts formed. Now all I have to do is to share them with you all in a post ;).

You know what got me really excited last month? A Slovenian brand came out with their own menstrual cup. WOW! That's some work and testing done and well, I got my own little cup. In blue. So pretty! Oh, how it's called? It's LaliCup and you can find it here.

I almost can't believe that I had the most deliciously smelling perfume ever, for only a month. Wow, hasn't it been ages already? I guess, I got used to it so much (use it daily!!) that I just forgot that it's pretty new. I wrote about it here - Lancome La vie est Belle Floral

Nivea surprised me with their new cleansing line that smells exactly like their most famous cream. 
I'm currently testing it and I'm digging the Facial cleansing cream but the tissues aren't for me. They burn my skin o.O.

You know, was one of those companies that started spoiling us bloggers before anyone else did it. 
This time, I got a couple of products and I am sure at least half of them will be used regularly. Some not now (like the oil control primer), but maybe later, during hotter months. 

The Freedom Brush bath is great - it is this huge soap in a pot and smells nice. Well, it smells like peaches, but very sweet peaches. Sometimes I love the scent, other times it makes me feel sick xD. But it does clean wonderfully! 

The #Glamcademy Fairy Doll looks palette is very special. Kind of weird. Wicked. I have mixed feelings about it. Some shades aren't all that long lasting on me as I wished they would be.

Avon started spoiling me. I mean, they do truly spoil me! I got this surprise package in the mail and wow, they did surely get the nail polish I love this Spring. I have a similar shade from Essence, but I'm curious on how this one will look on my nails. The hand cream has a very strong scent.

Oh boy, I still have half of the products I got, left to write about. Anyway, I got two products from De Le Roi and for now I only (almost) used up the anti cellulite cream. I was shocked that I noticed great effects after only a couple of days of use. Like seriously?! Also, the containers are huge!

Back in January, I got on this shopping spree at Jolse and one of the packages got lost. Or so I thought. But no, it got to me after almost three months! Well, Jolse was very fair and refunded me back at the time so I could order something else... you guessed it, ... from them. Haha. Omg. 
This is the COSRX AHA/BHA Toner. I still didn't use it...  But I am a big fan of the minimalistic packaging.

You know those funny, fluffy masks that everyone has been showing off lately? Well...  I wanted it. Maybe not for the cleansing effect it has (it's a clay mask), but for the bubbling effect. It looked so much fun! And then I finally learned which brand makes it - Elizavecca. I got mine and I couldn't believe when it puffed up so much, haha. But I do also like the refreshing and cleansing effect it has on my skin. 

You must be thinking by now, "she's obsessed with COSRX!!" and you wouldn't be that far off. 
Cosrx is currently one of my favorite Korean brands. I liked the reviews these Silk Finger Balls had, so I got me some. My first try wasn't all that great since I had claws and I couldn't stick my finger into these! I'll try them in the following days and I'll let you know how that goes :). 

Another thing that I was curious about was this Blackhead Powder Cream by COSRX. What a weird name. Anyway, it's supposed to clean up your pores and fill them with the good stuff, aka the cream. 
Since I've been using it (about a week) I did notice that my pores are cleaner and thus smaller looking. Hm, there may be something about this product. But again, you must use a sunscreen during the day. Okay, like ladies.. (and me) start using sunscreen, like yesterday, kay?! 

Um, so what is this cute thing? It's a hairband by Etude House. I needed a hairband and well, I am a cat lady deep inside, so kitty band it is. It fits me well and keeps the hair out of my face, so I can wash it and apply all the good stuff :).

This month I also talked about natural deodorants (the article is in Slovenian), which you can find here.
I got a pack of Pomegranate stuff (two deodorants and a shower gel) from the same company - called CD, which I am grateful for. I ran out of my last roll-on deodorant from them, so yay for replacements!

And this month I'll be testing some new detox teas by Thin Tea. I can't wait, but I do need a hard kick in my ass, to keep taking it. I'm really lazy when it comes to cooking teas. 
(vse slovenske bralke, ga lahko dobite tukaj)

And SAMPLES. I love simply because they are cute and small, but truth to be told I usually just give them away since I seldom use them

Okay, whew! I thought I didn't get much stuff in April, but boy I was wrong! 
Now I feel a bit under pressure like.. how am I going to test them all? Ahhhh. Okay, okay, breathe... 

P.S., Of course, I wouldn't be me if I didn't forget two pictures.. whoops!

On the Kozmetika Afrodita Event at LJFW, we got a goodie bag. This goodie bag contained the whole range of their new Body Shower Creamy Gels/Oil Gels. I must say I do like both versions, but I did pick out two of my favorite scents - Wild Orchids and Lovely Roses. Wonderful!

And finally, here's my Ilirija haul. I went to their store (their Online store is and found all the wonderful deals they have online. Only even cheaper (about 1€ cheaper). This is why these products HAD to come with me. Their hair dye is also wonderful and you know what the price was (on sale)? 1.5€! 

:P Want to read about any product from the bunch? 

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