GFUEL vs SNEAK Energy Formula

GFUEL vs SNEAK Energy Formula

This is a topic I wanted to write so badly about. Why? Because when I was looking for comparisons between Gfuel and Sneak formulas I hardly found anything.

That means that I had to try them both myself - I started with Sneak and later bough Gfuel packets. After a while, I got some more packets and when I realized that I can commit to a full tub, I bought two. At the BOGO sale.

But okay, let's see how I bought them and what I think of them.


What are they?
Both are energy drink formulas that come in powder form. You add as much water and then shake it (or stir it, it doesn't matter). And after that, you drink it. 
It should be cheaper than drinking Monsters, Redbull and similar drinks and it should be healthier.

I'm not sure about it being healthier but it is less expensive. 
One tub of Gfuel will last you for 40 servings and it's the same with Sneak. 

GFUEL vs SNEAK Energy Formula


G FUEL is a Natural Energy Drink Formula created by Gamma Labs. Our original goal was to create a 100% clean, natural, and healthy alternative to sugar-loaded Energy Drinks. What we were after was an Energy Drink which would meet even the high standards of the most active and hectic lifestyles. In fact, our first customer was a professional eSports athlete who wanted an immediate increase in Energy, Focus, and Endurance; without the use of toxic chemicals or additives in sugary Energy Drinks. You can check out Team Gamma to see all the professionals since then who now trust G FUEL.
When we created G FUEL, we ended up cracking the code on the perfect Energy Drink. And it's even better than we first imagined it could be. While sugary Energy Drinks contain a lot of unknown chemicals, G FUEL is clean. You know exactly what's in it because it mixes with your very own clean water. Read more on Gfuel website.

GFUEL vs SNEAK Energy Formula

I tried Gfuel because it was really easy to order. They are from the USA but their website made it super easy to get me some goodies. 
It's fun, easy to use and offers countless flavours. At first, I got some sample packs (those that are 13$ for 10 mixed flavours). 

The shipping is well, hardcore. And it's hardcore for both sites. Super expensive. It varies by weight. So if you only get a 10 sample pack, you pay about 5$ for shipping. If you add 3 extra sample bags, you pay 9$ for shipping. 
When I ordered from the BOGO sale I paid 18$ for shipping. 
And I had to pay extra for customs so, in the end, I paid 64€ for 2 tubs. That's ... a lot. 

But I did enjoy the different flavours. Each one of them was different from the other and I realized that I prefer the more fruity flavours. They were the most refreshing ones. 
I also liked the cotton candy flavour, but that was more like a dessert. Delicious!

GFUEL vs SNEAK Energy Formula
The plastic dispenser looks a bit cheap, but the water bottle attachment is awesome!

However, there is one thing that Gfuel does. After a while of leaving the cup/shaker alone, you'll get sediment at the bottom. If you shake it, it's gone. 
But while drinking it, I noticed that each flavour came with a chalky aftertaste
The more you drink, the less you notice. But it's there anyhow. It took some getting used to it because it does feel chalky.

Their tubs have a nice design, but it's sadly just a printed film. I was expecting something more, something prettier (Sneak has an amazing tub with an amazing design and lots of details).

I tried their Energy crystal pop rocks which are fun, but they also come with a chalky aftertaste. 

Verdict: I enjoy the sample packs and their BOGO offers. The shipping is horrendously expensive and customs like their orders a bit too much, so there's a chance you'll pay quite a bit for 2 tubs or more. The variety of flavours is amazing but I am not a fan of the chalky aftertaste. Their website is nice and simple and the flavours description is quite accurate. It does give me a nice energy boost that holds for a while (I'd say  I also like that you can get XP which you can use to get gifts like shakers etc. I am a fan of their coupon codes - you can always find some!

GFUEL vs SNEAK Energy Formula
The best way to try Gfuel - sachets!


Sneak is a low-calorie, sugar-free energy drink. We wanted to create a clean energy alternative that puts you in control. Available in powder or cans, just mix one scoop with water or grab a can for on-the-go and enjoy a powerful, sustained energy boost. We also packed Sneak with vitamins, minerals and amino acids to heighten your reaction times and keep you focused. 
Sneak is a clean energy formula - it improves your performance without the junk. We’ve packed Sneak full of amino acids, vitamins and minerals - and with added caffeine, your energy levels will increase, your focus will be sharper, and you’ll feel refreshingly hydrated. Read more on Sneak website

I got a tub of sneak and their shaker. I was thinking about getting their sample sachets but they came out to be a tad too expensive for my liking (12,50€ / for 5 + shipping).
I paid £47.07 including shipping for the tub and shaker. One tub contains enough powder for 40 servings. 

GFUEL vs SNEAK Energy Formula

Sneak offers about 6 different flavours with some that come and go as a limited edition. I purchased the Purple storm because it sounded cool. Sadly their website does a really bad job at describing flavours. I've contacted customer support and asked them about their flavours and they replied that they're a "business secret", which is .. what? Seriously? I just wanted to know what I was buying. 

Anyhow, the tubs are beautiful. Well designed with plenty of details. Amazing! 
The shaker is also nice, I've used it countless times (for mostly Gfuel, heh) and I got no leakage. 

But! I am not a fan of this flavour. It tastes like bubblegum. There, I said it. Bubblegum! I was kind of shocked when I tried it. I mean ... why would I want to drink bubblegum? Huh. 

However, the formula is better than Gfuel. When it comes to terms of how it dissolves and how long it lasts before it gets some sediment. I don't remember it getting any sediment. And I've left the drink in the shaker for way too long as I didn't like the taste.

Since I'm not a person that likes wasting product, I decided to give it another chance. This time I mixed it with more water. And mixed like that it was much better. Less sweet and well, more to my liking. But still. Bubblegum.

GFUEL vs SNEAK Energy Formula
Sneak has a really fancy dispenser

Verdict: Sneak doesn't offer as many flavours as Gfuel does. It's also a pretty new brand that many have called a copycat. But you know what, I don't care. They are located in the UK and even if their shipping is less expensive than Gfuel, it's still pretty astonishingly high.
Their website for some odd reason irritates me, but the attention to detail on their tubs is beautiful. 
I am not a fan of the flavours descriptions as they really don't tell much but okay.
I get a decent energy boost from it - similar to Gfuel but without the chalky aftertaste. 
The Sneak tubs are bigger than Gfuel and I think I'll repurpose mine when I'm done with it. 

Sneak of Gfuel?

Honestly, I don't mind either. However, if there were a brand that would be a mix between the two - Gfuel's website and shopping experience and Sneak's formula I'd be all for it. 
But in the end, I'd probably pay less if I went to the store and bought a bunch of Monsters when they are on sale. I mean, that's not something I'll do because the idea was to lessen my caffeine intake. And that's exactly what they help me with - I drink less coffee because I only need one Gfuel or Sneak serving a day. Two if I'm feeling really tired. 

Have you tried Gfuel or Sneak? What do you think of them? Let me know in the comments below.

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