Lancome Jucy Shakers Brunch

I was one of the happy guests at the Lancome Jucy Shakers brunch in Slovenia.
Lancome invited us beauty bloggers (and media) to a juicy brunch which was a beauty to behold and also delicious.

The event was held at Lolita which is a little chic coffee (and macaroon) shop next to Ljubljanica in central Ljubljana.

The place is trendy and so was the brunch. We could choose from beautiful looking and also delicious tasting macaroons, small bites (sandwiches that had truffles and avocado in them), croissants and lots of fruits.

Of course, there were some lovely Lancome goodie bags for all the ladies that got invited. With a bow on top ;).

When everyone arrived, we were introduced to the world of Lancome's Jucy Shakers.

Do you remember Lancome's iconic lip glosses? I do. And they are going back to it with this tribute that I'm sure everyone will love. It's also keeping up with trends, because it's not a gloss, it's an oil hybrid.

These are full of pigment and oils and do feel good on the lips. They come with a non-sticky formula and different scents, depending on the colors itself.  Truth to be told, they aren't as pigmented as liquid lipsticks, but the oil does stay on for quite some time. 

The first thing that I noticed in the promo pictures and later in person was the cute design of the oil. It's cute, shaped like a shaker so you don't forget to shake it before use. ;)

Here's Luna from Lunxx posing with a Jucy Shaker
We could take pictures with a cute billboard with Jucy Shaker pictures all over it. You can see what I'm talking about here.

Delicious sandwich with avocado, truffles, and prosciutto

Between nomming [eating] and chatting we were busy taking pictures and sharing them on our social feeds. 

Here's Polona taking a picture of the gift bag.
Did I mention that the macaroons were delicious? With different fillings from raspberry, caramel and so on. Really good! Plus the Jucy Shakers were lovely too look at and test smell and swatch!

I had a blast and I'm so happy that I was invited to such a delicious brunch. I enjoyed the company of the ladies and I do hope they did enjoy mine :).

Bloggers in action ;)
And now, let me share with you a small collage of our selfies ;). Not all of them, but some. Of course, Aleksandra is shining in the picture. The camera loves her! :)
Top left: Aleksandra Rose
Top right: Gabi from Parokeets
Middle right and middle bottom: Polona from Uniquapoly
Bottom right: Klavdija from Cherie

In our goodie bag, we got some lovely things from Lancome, but I'll talk about them in a "New in" post. Let me just tell you, that a Jucy shaker was between the goodies and I got it in the color "Meli Melon" which smells like a watermelon and looks very sheer on the lips, but I don't mind it since it's nourishing and I'd give nourishing over pigmented every single day. Except in lipsticks.

I like the cushion of the oil since you can't really drag it along your lips, you have to tap it gently on.

If you want to know more about the Jucy Shakers, you can check them out here

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Ladies, what do you think about the Jucy Shakers? 

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