Review: L'Occitane Pivoine Sublime CC Cream (light)


I got this full size of L'Occitane CC cream on the day I got a nice facial massage and makeup from their counter. You can read more about my experience, here
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This is the official description of the CC cream:
The fine, hydrating texture lets skin breathe and transforms during application, to create an ultra-natural finish; 
- Complexion looks perfectly even and transparent 
- Skin tone is fresh and luminous 
- Skin texture and complexion irregularities seem blurred 
- Skin is comfortable and protected (SPF20) 
- Skin is instantly more beautiful. It stays fresh, luminous and unified until the night. 

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At first I wasn't so sure about this CC cream. I mean, yes, it did smell nice. And I really liked how it goes from white to nude (mine is pink toned) in some rubs. 

But it doesn't have a lot of coverage. It does even out the skin tone, but I mostly use it as a base. Simply because it has some SPF (20) and it's easier to work on an even tone. 

The price isn't the nicest (28,50€ / 30ml) and it doesn't last a very long time - 6 months after opening.

But the difference it makes on the skin is well worth it for me. Especially when I struggle with acne and I want something that covers the redness before I apply mineral foundation or regular foundation over it.

When my skin is nice and doesn't have any acne (that happens too), I like to use it as an alone base. I get a more radiant look right away. I mean, I look refreshed like I get enough night's sleep and I'm not one of those sleep-deprived people.

This is my before (scary) while I apply a hefty amount on my face and after photo. It's terrifying for which I apologize.

I also like that it doesn't break me out. That's an important one since lots of products do break me out. It's sad and terrifying because I can't be sure which one will be the next one. 

Also, when nothing "held" and most foundations and actually things I put on my face just melted off during the heat wave and hot Summer days, this little gem stayed right on. Clinging to my skin like nothing else. It was incredible!

It is, however, a bit drying on the skin. The cream has a bit of a dry feeling to it once you spread it. It also feels a bit rough (because of the color pearls that break, I think?), so I don't think it's great for dry skin. It clings to dry patches, too! 

These are the ingredients if anyone wants to check them out ;)
+ Evens out my skin tone
+ Smells delicious
+ Great packaging design (hygienic)
+ Stays all day long (even during hot days)
+ doesn't break me out
+ has SPF 20
- The price is quite hefty (28,50€/30ml)
- not suitable for dry skin
- clings to dry patches

I am happy that I found a foundation or actually more of a base that survives hot days. However, I don't think I'd ever consider buying it if I wouldn't get it as a PR sample. Now that I know how good this is, I am more inclined in testing high-end cosmetics. I feel that this product is great for us, mixed skin gals and possibly for oily types and maybe normal too. I do suggest using a primer before or a nice serum underneath, so it doesn't dry out your skin. I liked using my Vichy Aqualinea Thermal Serum underneath (it contains silicones, which it makes my skin smooth!). Also, if you have great skin and want it to look more radiant or just a tiny bit covered (redness), this is probably a product for you. I'm giving it a thumbs up, but advice everyone to get a sample from the kind ladies at the store. 

This product was sent to me by the company itself or its PR. For more information please do read my Disclosure Policy. My opinion is always honest.

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