Oriflame Featherlight Lipsticks + lip swatches

Oriflame Featherlight lipsticks

Give your lips full-on colour that’s as light as a feather. Ultra lightweight hydrating lipstick feels like a balm* as it delivers gorgeous, full colour coverage from the first swipe*. Expertly formulated with a natural wax blend of sunflower seeds and berries for melt-on-contact hydration* that helps to soften and condition lips.

I got a whole set of lipsticks from the Oriflame Featherlight collection. 
I tested them and swatched them (also on my lips) for you. :) Here's how it went.


I was in touch with the Oriflame PR lady, which is super kind and awesome. We agreed that I'd be testing some lipsticks from the range and maybe even an eyeshadow, who knows? I like being surprised, especially when it comes to makeup.

When the package came, I got the whole set of the Featherlight lipsticks! I was super excited. And pumped. 

Oriflame Featherlight lipsticks


That's easy to answer. Just look at them! They do totally remind me of the lovely Etude House lipsticks and I'm a sucker for pretty packaging. Yes, packaging means a lot to me. It's just how I'm wired.

On the photos, they look fantastic, but in person, the lipsticks when closed, do look a bit cheap. That's because they don't close all the way to the bottom, but instead, there's a rim of silver that's separated from the plastic. I mean, if the rim would be bigger or you know, there wouldn't be extra space, then they would look really exquisite. 

Oriflame Featherlight lipsticks


Of course, if a product is only pretty and isn't also good, well then I'm not a fan. 

Luckily, these lipsticks swatched nicely and the best thing is that they aren't matte. I mean, that's probably not great for everyone, especially considering the matte trend that's still strong. 

But if you ask me, I do like a nice easy and moisturizing lipsticks from time to time. 

In this collection are 8 lipsticks with a shiny finish. 

Oriflame Featherlight lipsticks swatch

Oriflame Featherlight lipsticks swatch

Oriflame Featherlight lipsticks swatch

Oriflame Featherlight lipsticks swatch


I did all the swatches in one day and usually, it gets pretty painful at the end because applying lipstick and taking it off consecutively is stressful for your lips. 
Especially if the lipsticks are matte.

Well luckily, I used a moisturized tissue and the lipsticks are non-drying and also don't last as long as do matte lipsticks.

Oriflame Featherlight lipsticks swatch

Some of the lipsticks do look quite similar to each other, so I'll go on and talk about each of them. 

Pink Cloud

A light pink lipstick that leaves a bit of color on the lips. I don't like the look of it on my lips because it gives me the "I'm cold" look. But it does smell delicious and is moisturizing.

Oriflame Pink Cloud

Peach Pavlova

A lipstick that I thought would look too orange on me (as usually coral lipsticks do on me), but it looks perfect. 
It's very moisturizing and it's one of my favorites from the bunch.

Oriflame Peach Pavlova

Rose Petal

A gentle rose lipstick that isn't too in your face. It's nicely pigmented and I had no problem with the application whatsoever.

Oriflame Rose Petal

Taupe Touch

A lipstick that at first glance looks pretty similar to Peach Pavlova, but it lacks the orange undertone. It's very wearable for your daily use. Again this is also one of my favorites.

Oriflame Taupe Touch

Flamingo Fluff

One of the most fun colors. A Barbie pink with cool undertones that look amazing on my pale skin. I like the dewy (or shiny?) look it gives my lips.

Oriflame Flamingo Fluff

Coral Caresse

A lovely color that reminds me of one my first lipsticks. It's a tad warmer than Flamingo Fluff. Also less electric. :)

Oriflame Coral Caresse

Violet Velvet

Violet Velvet looked so much more like Flamingo Fluff in the tube than it did on the lips.  On the lips is a darker version of Coral Caresse with a cooler undertone. It's quite a lovely lipstick for cooler months.

Oriflame Violet Velvet

Mulberry Meringue

I had high hopes for this lipstick. But it applies unevenly and even after two or three layers it's not on its best look. It's less pigmented than I anticipated but could be a more wearable version if only it would wear off nicely. But it doesn't and at the end you are left with a ring of mulberry colored lips. 
It was a sad day ... :P 
Oriflame Mulberry Meringue


The lipsticks come in 8 different shades and there are about 3 of them that I am a big fan of. Most of them wear off nicely, except for the darkest one
Because they are shiny lipsticks they don't survive eating or drinking but do give your lips some moisture which is awesome in these colder months. If I'd be purchasing them on my own I'd definitely get Coral Caresse or Violet Velvet (they are a bit similar) and Taupe Touch or Peach Pavlova

Overall I'm happy with them, but need a bit more upkeep than your matte or semi-matte lipstick does. But on the upside, they keep the moisture on your lips instead of sucking it all out.

What do you say - are you a fan of shiny lipsticks or not?

*This product was sent to me by the company or their PR for review purposes. My reviews are always honest. 

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