Rock Your Pierce of Forward Helix Just Like Hollywood Stars

Rock Your Pierce of Forward Helix Just Like Hollywood Stars
Written by: Aylen Smith

Wait, have you still not curated your ear? Just kidding, but seriously, if you go through the fashion magazines, ear piercings are quite a thing at the moment. Whether you are into stacked hoops, edgy orbitals, or forward helix piercings, you cannot go wrong in designing your ear.

The forward helix piercings are considered the most exclusive type of piercings, all thanks to their ability to be customized and their complicated nature. These uncommon piercings can be done in multiples for a fascinating appearance.

Plus, considering the different options of customizing these piercings, forward helix earrings and other jewelry options are endless. With the right earring design, you can rock the pierce just like the Hollywood stars.

Up Your Forward Helix Game with the Right Jewelry Choice

The flat back stud earrings are the most preferred jewelry choices for the forward helix piercing. However, you can even wear a small cartilage hoop in the piercing, provided it does not cause any kind of inflammation or irritation around the area.

The fun fact here is you can go for a total of three forward helix piercings allowing you to try out a fun and fancy trios of earrings and studs.

Now, coming to the point of stylish the forward helix piercing like a Hollywood star, there are two options available for you.


A small but designer stud is one of the most exclusive jewelry used in forward helix piercings. Studs are basically small metal pieces going through the piercing. They come with a backing that holds them in place.


The ring option works only when the piercing has healed completely. Once this is done, you can switch from the stud to a ring which will again be an exclusive piece of jewelry for your piercing.

Rings are round and small metal pieces made into jewelry connecting at one point. They offer an appearance that they are wrapped around the helix instead of going through the piercing.

Choosing between a Stud and a Hoop to Get the Appearance of a Celebrity

Initially, a stud will work fine and normally for your forward helix piercing. Studs are always the best option until the healing time because they make it easier for the piercing to heal. That's because studs feature long and straight posts instead of curved posts.
Studs also leave good space for the swelling and inflammation that follows the piercing immediately. Remember, swelling and inflammation are common even if you have the piercing done by a professional and even if you follow the aftercare instructions correctly.

Once the piercing has healed, you can simply change the stud and move on to a hoop. You don't need to go only for a hoop. You can even go for other styles that fit your appearance and mood.


The highly captive seamless rings, labret studs, and bead rings are jewelry options that will make you carry the forward helix piercing like a Hollywood star.

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