Halloween ain't over...

Halloween ain't over! And so aren't my makeup looks. ;). 
This is the last one for this "season" and I hope you will be at least creeped out a bit by it.

Happy Halloween! 

click to see all the pictures and products I used

I used:

Ben Nye HD foundation all over my face
Makeup Revolution Contour palette (yellow shadow and deep brown)
Makeup Revolution I heart makeup - Geek palette (deep brown, light brown, blue, purple, green, black)
Edible charcoal (I had to eat two damn pills because it would keep sliding off my teeth)
Beaucon Shimmer Green circle lenses

My kid didn't get scared of my makeup which is.. interesting. 
Creepy Halloween to you all ;).


  1. Haha kak si dobra :D To je res dobra ideja :)

  2. That is so ugly! - v dobrem smislu :D. Vau, res ti je super uspelo. In ta edible charcoal is everything! Odlično si se spomnila :). A greš koga danes strašit taka? :D

    1. Ugly je perfect word! :D Hvala!
      Taka sem včeraj strašila, danes nisem hotela povzročati infarktov na cesti.. ;) Sem muca hahaha.

  3. Najboljši halloween makeup looki so pa vedno tisti tastrašni, ogabni, ko dobiš malo kurje kože. Bravo res. Meni si top!!!

    1. Hvala! :D In nisem si mislila, da bom naredila scary MU, ampak potem je prišla inspiracija in.. wooo :D.

  4. ooo wau! Veliko punc, zna poudarit svojo lepoto, manj jih zna pa iz super lepe punce naredit tako spako! Ful dobro, res, temu se reče talent! :))

    1. O hvala, to pa je kompliment in pol :D. BTW pogršat se ni težko ;).

  5. Hahahahaha, tok si dobra, najboljša od vseh - ker si res scary ne pa kao lepa scary :D <3

    TO, TO!

  6. Tole ti je pa res odlično uspelo in ideja z ogljem je fenomenalna :)


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