Witch make up in under 10 minutes


A friend of mine asked me to do a simple and very quick tutorial for busy moms. I know she probably meant a tutorial in under 5 minutes and natural looking, but for beginning this is a Halloween night out make up.
For all those who won't put a costume on, but still want to have something on your face.

P.S. You can always add a web or a spider or anything like that (tutorial coming soon!).

You'll need:
1. Eye primer (I used two)
2. Two purple eyeshadows (or dark blue, or dark green, as you like it)
3. Gold liquid eyeliner
4. Black eye pencil
5. Mascara
6. Brushes (I used 4 of them)
7. 10 minutes of your time

How to:

1. Apply eyeshadow primer
2. Apply dark eyeshadow (I used dark purple) all over the lid. You don't have to be exactly precise.
3.Apply dark blue eyeshadow into the crease and lower lid
4. Blend, blend and again BLEND!
5. Apply gold eyeliner. Now you should look like a gypsy! 
6. Apply black eye pencil and mascara
7. You are done! (or optional - draw a spider, web or anything halloween related)

Simple, right? 

And the result?

Enjoy your witch make up ;)!

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