Halloween Makeup - the majestic SpiderWoman

It's been a very long time since I did a full face makeup. Not just my eyes, but something fun and colorful on at least half my face.

Halloween was the perfect occasion and the fun part is, that the makeup is easy to do
Why did I pick this theme? Well, because I didn't want to purchase any new products (like white face paint) and because my kid loves Spiderman and other Marvel heroes.

At first I thought I'd go with a red base for the mask, but somehow I missed the right color and picked the pink one instead. Bad lighting I guess. 

And of course, the SpiderWoman has to be unique, so 1/3 of  her mask is orange and the other part is metallic pink. With some red strokes here and there. Unique, right? :D (I wanted to play, okay)

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Here's what I used (well mostly, I forgot to include the Skin tone Catrice foundation and Catrice eyebrow pencil).

I heart Makeup - Makeup Geek palette  , Facefront mineral eyeshadows (red, orange and pink all metallic), Lancome Hypnose Mascara, Essence Urbaniced lip creamCatrice Eyeliner 

More pictures :).
I know it isn't perfect, but I never knew how hard is to apply liquid liner precisely on your own face.. o.O I need to practice more. After I buy a new one, since this one is now empty, haha.

 I did a quick smokey eye on my eyes, and in RL it looked fabulous. I'm sad that the camera didn't pick all the color and deepness of it. 

What will YOU dress as, this Halloween?


  1. Replies
    1. Hvala! Boš ti tudi kaj podobnega poskusila narediti?

  2. Zdaj nam pa še izdaj iz česa si naredila pajkovo vrv s katero se boš spuščala z Nebotičnika in lovila tatove. :D
    Super ti je uspela tale pajkova mreža.

    1. Gejba.. one word. Magic! :D
      In hvala, hvala. Morem pa obvezno po nov eyeliner...

  3. Wow, ful dobro :D In ta pajkova mreža ti je čist fajn uspela :)) Ful je fajn videti, kak ste vse blogerke kreativne, še jaz kako idejo dobim :))

    1. Ej, hvala. Mene je zadnje par dni kar zagrabilo. Zdaj bi se pa samo ličila :D.

  4. Ful dobra ideja! :). In ti odtenki, ki si jih uporabila so mi zelo všeč. Thumbs up ;)

    1. Ful so lepe senčke, pa fuuul pigmentirane. Komaj čakam, da še kaj ustvarim z njimi! In hvala!


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