Halloween makeup in under 3 minutes!

Last year I was a kitty cat and it only seems appropriate that I'm a mouse this year. 
Of course, I am talking about the easy & quick Halloween look.

I did my simple daily makeup (so no eyeliner) using:
Catrice eyebrow pencil,
Catrice Chocolate Nudes palette
Avon eye primer
Lancome Hypnose Mascara 
Catrice liquid eyeliner
Essence blush from Come to town LE
Essence lipstick in Natural Beauty

Click to see more pictures & instructions ;)

It's so easy to make. Do your regular makeup or the makeup you want to pair your look with and add a small black nose, dots on the cheeks and some whiskers. Done!
And also some ears. I'm not sure if these are polar bear ears of mouse ears (H&M kids).


This is a "last minute" look that anyone can do ;). 



  1. Kako dobre slike! :) Lepa miška! ;)

    1. Jaj, hvala :D. Sem vesela, da ti je všeč. Easy peasy makeup :D

  2. So darn cute! Happy Halloween.

  3. You look so pretty!
    Alway Halloween looks take so much time to realize, I prefer this one!
    Have a fab friday !

    1. Aww, thanks!!
      I wish we had pumpkin spiced stuff here for Halloween, but maybe in the upcoming years. :Can't wait tho!!


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