Empties #21

It's unbelievable that a month has passed by and that I already managed to accumulate this many empties! If you want to read about the Empties #20 post, check it here

But today I'm definitely talking about all the new empties :). Are you ready?

*CD Deo Roll-On Lotus scent (4€)
First, I want to talk about the CD Deo Roll on with the Lotus scent. This deodorant has a bad feedback from girls that are used to classic deodorants. And I admit, the scent is very alcohol like and I just realised it reminds me of "manly" deodorants. But I loved it simply because it wouldn't be the reason why I'd have lots of painful cystic acne on my armpits. Those are seriously messed up and I just don't want to experience them anymore. It is natural, contains no aluminium salts and so on. It doesn't stay for the whole day, but I do prefer a healthier skin to not stinking. 
I will definitely get a new one!  

DONTODENT Pink Grapefruit toothpaste (0.7€)
I wanted to try a new toothpaste and I was so excited to see it on sale for 70c. I mean, that's a steal, right? Yea, if you like it. But you know, a toothpaste lasts a long time. And the grapefruit taste is just not my thing. So I'll stay away from scented toothpaste in the future. I must have acquired a minty taste preference, over time. Won't repurchase

DONTODENT Kids Strawberries toothpaste (1€)
The kids toothpaste found its way to my toothbrush several times. And the taste was delicious, of bubble gum! I didn't eat it, yuck, but it was really lovely washing my teeth with it. So I will consider repurchasing it.

VISIOMAX Super contact lens solution (8€)
I purchased it back when I first got my lenses from DM - you can read about it here. And now I finally used it up. I already repurchased a different solution for the same brand and I do find that the new solution is stronger and better at cleaning my lenses. It's also cheaper (turquoise drop on the packaging). However, this one did an OK job. 

I already talked about this mousse here, and it's a first body product that I was pretty much upset when I ran out of it. I will repurchase it in the colder months since I don't think it's suitable for hot days that are coming ;). 

PALMOLIVE Nourishing Sensation soap (2€)
I purchased it just to put it into my wardrobe so it would smell nice. But when I ran out of soap I just grabbed it and used it. And you know what? It's nothing special. Smells nice but it does dry the hands and skin out. I won't repurchase it. There are many better options out there. 

It's a first that I used a shower gel this quickly. And let me tell you, using it was a fun experience. The scent is so different to what I'm used to and luckily it didn't dry out my skin. I may consider repurchasing it. 

Mi Hoin Ni Face Mask - Caviar Extract (3€)
I purchased it in Muller because I was really curious on how it will work out. I mean for one sheet mask, it's damn expensive. But I quickly realized that it is great! The only weird part is that the mask has an additional plastic sheet inside, so the unfolding is easier. But the essence inside is wonderful. I may repurchase it when there'll be a discount available. 

L'OCCITANE 25% Shea Butter Cream (sample)
I liked the cream, but I felt that it quickly becomes too much for my skin. It is very nourishing and little moisturizing, so my skin got oily fast. The scent is nice and clean and the cream has an interesting thickness to it. However, I am not thinking about repurchasing it because it's too much for my skin. 

HOLIKA HOLIKA Smooth Egg Skin Peeling Foam (sample)
Last month I tested another sample and a couple of days after the same post, I tested the next one. 
I was hoping it would go well, but my skin started itching right away and when I washed it off it felt a bit swollen. And it seems it gave me micro wounds, because when I applied my cream, later on, I could feel it stinging. So no, sadly I won't repurchase it. 

HOLIKA HOLIKA Good Cera Cream (sample x2)
I had my doubts about this product because it's this thick cream and I thought that it may be a bit too much for my skin. But my skin actually absorbed it quickly and later it felt super smooth and soft! I was so impressed that I tested it for three days and when I ran out, I wanted more. So I will repurchase a full size! 

BALEA Waschgel with Lotus (mini)
I got this mini in the Balea Advent Calendar 2015. I started using it only recently and it lasted for more than a month, so I think it's well worth the price if you get the mini in the store (probably at about a euro?). It cleaned well - makeup, oils and dirt. But I do feel that it may have dried out my skin a bit. I may repurchase it in the future. 

L'OCCITANE Gentle Toner & Face Comforting Oil (mini)
I talked about both products in my L'Occitane Winter post. The only thing that changed is that in the end I really enjoyed the spray pump from the toner. It created a gentle mist that refreshed my skin. And the oil is still great, love it! Would totally get it, if it wasn't for the price

BIODERMA Sebium Ai (sample)
A life saviour that helped me heal acne faster. Of course, when I needed it most, I ran out of it. Eh! I just can't remember to get a full size when I go to the pharmacy. But I am sure, that I will repurchase it

AVENE smoothing mask (sample)
I'm not even sure what this mask was supposed to do, but I didn't find it all that nice. It made my skin feel "meh" and I can't say much about it. It just, was..  you know? I definitely won't repurchase it. 

*LA ROCHE-POSAY Hydreane Riche cream (15€)
I used this cream when my skin was at its driest and it served me well. The cream isn't moisturizing but it is very nourishing and heavy. So it's not exactly suitable for oily skin. But I did enjoy using it on my dry parts of my face which are the cheeks and sometimes even forehead! I liked that it doesn't really have a scent and it's gentle on the skin. I may repurchase it.

AFRODITA Clean Phase Micellar Water (4€)
I admit that I purchased it for the hype and the sale price (about 50% off!). But I was shocked when I realised that you have to wash it off. Nooo, the lazy person in me screamed. Nooo! And sadly it didn't clean my makeup all that well and I absolutely loathed the extra step I had to take with it (wash it off). I won't repurchase it. 

*SUBRINA Vitamines & Strenght Conditioner (~3€)
I remember that back when the new conditioners and shampoos came out, my hair loved them. The scent is fantastic and so is the effect on the hair. Brilliant. I also can't remember why I didn't repurchase them again since they are so good? But I must have been detained by all the other shiny products out there. Anyway, this conditioner is great and even more than amazing. I love it and I will repurchase it!

LA RICHE Hair Color in Lilac (6€)
I wanted to dye my hair purple or lilac, but then I realized I can use the hair dye with conditioner to make it less yellow and grayer. And it worked perfectly, so for a while, my hair would be nice and grayish. But it did stain my sink, the shelf under the mirror.. eh! But it's a great hair dye, so I will repurchase it

BALEA Lip Balm - Vanilla (2€)
When I first got it, it was overflowing with product. So whenever I opened it, it was a mess. The scent was this absolutely plastic vanilla that I wasn't sure if I got a really bad batch or are all of them supposed to be like this? Somewhere in between then and now, my kid took it and it wasn't seen for months. Now I found it, and off it goes. I don't think I will repurchase it because it wasn't special at all. 

OMBIA 100% cotton pads (1.4€ / for two)
Since they fixed their cotton pads and made them softer or whatever, I keep repurchasing them. They are great and really inexpensive. Will repurchase them forever! 

NIVEA 30 cotton pads (got it as a gift with another product purchase)
I am not sure how much are these pads normally, but I'd say about 3€. They were one of the rare ones that I liked. And I liked them a lot. But you know, I don't think I will repurchase them just because I think they are expensive. Probably. 

MAKEUP REVOLUTION Awesome Eye primer (mini)
I am not sure when or how I got this primer, but I loved it. It made every eyeshadow stick to the eyelid endlessly and I really liked how well I could mix it with mineral eyeshadows. I'm forever waiting for it to get back in stock because I really want to have a full size of it! 

LUSH The Kiss Lip Piling (~10€)
This was a Valentine's day LE and I admit that I purchased it because of the colored sugar and glitter in it. Yes, it had small glitter hearts in it. Too big to be accidentally eaten, but still, glitter. I used it rarely and it got sour after a year of sitting there. I did use it here and there and it was just a sugar and salt lip peeling. Nothing special here. So, I won't repurchase it.

This has to be the first blush that I've used up in my life. Let's jump together in joy. YAY! I liked how natural and dewy it looked on my skin and it was just the perfect shade for my Snowhite skin. I will repurchase it once I use up, at least, another blush. It's a hard one, I know. 

MULLER Theater Makeup - Ghost White (5€)
Okay, I don't really know what brand this is. But I had high hopes for it since you know 5€ for a single pan isn't all that little, I could add some extra money and have a professional shadow, you know...
Anyway, I had really high hopes for it. But damn is this product BAD. I didn't finish it up, no. Not at all. I really don't want to see it anymore. The coverage is bad, the staying powder is also shit and it looks caked on. How is this supposed to be theater makeup? It's not! I won't repurchase it. NO!

BALEA Sensitive Lip Balm (2€)
This must be the first lip balm from Balea that I promptly enjoyed. It did help with cracked lips, but not enough that it would help them heal. It just offered some extra protection. I liked it. Not a lot, but it did the job well enough ;). The big plus is that has no scent and is probably suitable for all those who dislike scented stuff. I probably won't repurchase it, because it's nothing extraordinary for the price point. 

CATRICE Even Skin Tone Foundation (8€)
I am a fan of Catrice Mat foundations, but when I wanted a change I opted for this new foundation by them. And I was really surprised because the coverage was amazing (medium to heavy) and it was a thicker sort of foundation that spread nice enough. I talked about it in my Yearly favorites, so you can see what made me say WOW about it. I really need to repurchase it. 

ESSENCE Nail Art Stampy Polish Black & White (~2.5€)
These are my to go stamp polishes, but as you can see, I don't use them nearly enough, The white one dried out and the black one somehow wasn't as opaque as expected. I repurchased them and they are both great. Amazing quality for an amazing price. 

LUSH Lemony Flutter (10€)
I remember back when LF was 7€. Do you remember it too? Well, I do. I keep coming back to it for my cuticles because it really is a cuticle saviour. The scent is disgusting, but they keep making it less sweet and candy like (lemon candy, blah!). Enough said I will repurchase it. But damn if they keep raising the price.  

MULLER Nail Closing File (~3€)
It's not a regular nail file, it's one of those that are used to close your nails so they are less susceptible to breakage and drying out. I keep repurchasing one of these every couple of months because they do serve me well. 

WHEW, this was an extremely wordy post! Long but hopefully interesting ;). 

Which of the products are your favorites too?

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