Favorites of 2015

I used a lot of products up this year, but today I want to tell you my absolute favorite products that I used daily in 2015. Some of them got used up really quickly, some are still lasting me even after months of use. 

Which ones are the ones that left a permanent "happy" mark in my memory?

 Decorative Cosmetics

CATRICE Even Skin Tone Foundation

Back in September, I ran out of my regular foundation which I have been using for the past 2 years (Catrice MAT - whichever version was available in stores). I decided to try something new because I like trying new stuff =). I purchased this one in hopes that it would have a bit better coverage than the Mat version. I was surprised when I first tried it - why? Because it feels thicker and it dries matte. I feel like it has better coverage (but still medium not heavy) than the Mat version and I really like that I could get it in such a pale tone which matches me perfectly! It's definitely my favorite foundation of the year (I tried some "flops" too). 

CATRICE Eyebrow Stylist in  Date With Ash-ton

I purchased it just because I noticed some ladies using it before using powder to do their brows. I never had an eyebrow pencil that wouldn't look orange for my skin, but you know what? This eyebrow pencil comes in the same shade as their lighter tone in the Catrice Eyebrow palette. I like how easy it is to apply since it is buttery and how well it stays (for the whole day!). I can see myself using this one up. And a really great thing about it is also the price - less than 3€. 

AVON Eyeshadow primer

I heard so many great things about it, even before I got it. Some time ago I got a sample of it, thanks to Ajda. Now that I have been using it since October I can say this - it is the best cheap eyeshadow primer I have tried. Great consistency (thicker cream), and the eyeshadows do last me for at least 8 hours with it. Even on my oily eyelids. 

ESSENCE Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

This is the latest addition to my mascaras family. I was using the Lancome Hypnose mascara before this one, but after a couple of uses it just isn't all that great anymore (it got dryer). So I bought this one in the hopes that it won't irritate my eyes and that it will make my eyelashes look fabiolous. Of course, I wouldn't even think about buying it, if it weren't from Tatjana, who made an effort to review both of the versions of this mascara. I love the volume and length it gives me, I just wish it would come in a waterproof version too. 

ESSENCE Urbaniced Lip Cream

I have been using this product for my daily makeup since the day I got it. It makes my makeup look better and I feel great just because I am finally using up a product. Yes! You can review my full review, here

L'OCCITANE Pivoine Sublime Perfume

I still love it, but I can't wait for Summer when my skin reacts in a nicer way to it (as in smells better than during the Winter months). The scent is lovely and the travel size packaging is damn cute. Cute. Yes. :) I had it since last May.

GOLDEN ROSE Velvet Matte #23

This is my most craved for (because of the color) lipstick of the year. It's nice and bold and I love it. The formula could be a bit less drying, but it's absolutely great in all other ways. You can read my review here

ESSENCE All About matt! Fixing compact powder

I had the loose powder version which I liked more, but I am sure they will bring it back sometime. In the meanwhile, I am fixing my makeup with this product which serves me fine. Helps me blend the blush and foundation in a more natural looking way. But the downside is that it's not as "strong" at fixing stuff as was the loose powder. Still good if you ask me :).

ESSENCE Soo Blush! Cream to powder Blush (Sweet as a Peach)

I got this blush a year or so ago. Maybe even more.. whoops. It's been quite a bit since I had it, but truth to be told I didn't use it much until this year. It's a cream blush that is the easiest to use with a stippling brush (which shreds like crazy). It gives me nice and natural looking flushed cheeks and the bonus is that because it's a cream, I don't need to use a highlighter since of the natural sheen to it (even if I fix it with the powder). Beautiful. 

Skin & Hair Care products

ALPSTORIES Organic Shampoo Aloe Vera 

I am usually not a person who would rave about hair products (which reminded me I still have another brand to review, which smells delicious), but this is a special occasion. I randomly (I think) got some really painful acne on my scalp and I had absolutely no idea why, I wasn't using or eating any dairy products so I stopped using my hair care products and shampoos. Later I bought this shampoo because Monika kept raving about it, you know, it's hard to get her out of your thoughts once she's there, haha. Anyway, the shampoo is very gentle, smells amazing and made my hair very soft after each use. It's not as great at cleaning extremely oily hair, but it's great nonetheless. It helped me a lot with my painful scalp. 

MELVITA Pulpe De Rose - Pumping radiance cream

I got this cream from the PR samples in the BBMULJ goodies bags. I was excited but decided to use up the creams I had from before. You know, I am trying not to be wasteful and to love each product I have. Or at least, try to. Anyway, a month ago I ran out of my 4 Kids and Us cream and it was time for me to switch to a new one. I was ecstatic to be finally able to try something from Melvita - a brand that didn't interest me before the BBMULJ 2015. And you know what? It was love at first touch. It hydrated and nourished my skin, but sadly I needed about 2-3 pumps per use. That's a lot and I used it up in less than a month. After some calculation, I realized that there's simply no way for me to justify the price (I wouldn't mind if it was 25€, but it's 35€ and monthly.. it's just a no-go). Even if I love it and I call it my favorite but short love of 2015, I still think it's damn expensive. *sobs* 
But anyway, great job on the formulation. :) 

L'OCCITANE Honey & Mandarin Lip balm

You know, it was hate at first whiff, but after the initial reaction, I started using it regularly, because it does a great job at taking care of dry and cracked lips. The scent that I disliked is, of course, the honey scent, but later the mandarin scent got stronger and now I hardly notice them. 
My kid is a fan too because he can open it himself and apply it without any mess or mommy noticing it.. ;)

DT - Funky Coconut hand gel

Of course I almost forgot this one. I had it on my bed and completely forgot to take it with me when I took pictures. Meh! So here's a picture from the review. I think it's a great hand cream and I actually got used to the scent. But more about it, here



It's not a product I would normally talk about, simply because I use it so rarely. But now I feel it's the time I share with you, what do I use it for and why. 
Since giving birth, I get terrible ripping pain in my hips ever 2-3 months sometimes it spreads down the knees, too, especially in the colder months. Sometimes the pain is so severe that I can't sleep, sitting is painful and only painkillers do the trick for me. Lately, I realized that doing squats helps tremendously but for when it doesn't I take a capsule of Chuchuhuasi. I prefer to use natural products (as this one is) than to regular painkillers that don't help me all the time. I also hope that getting fit will help me with this problem - I went to the doctor and she sent me to get a Xray scan, but the bones are OK. So.. I don't know what it is, but I am happy that I found something that works when I need it to.

These are my 2015 favorites. Is any of them your favorite, too? 
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