Empties #20

Since I already published the New in post, it's time to show you which products I was able to use up this month. It's not a lot, but it's still quite a bit considering that some needed months to be used up. 

I also managed to use up a couple of decorative cosmetic products, so make sure to read what I think about that ;). 

*DT Juicy Orange Shower gel (~4€)
I talked about this product in the "5 products that turn Shower time into Spa time" and I don't think I have anything else to add. Except how quickly I managed to use it up. I guess I was really happy to smell like freshly squeezed oranges, haha. I am also sorry for the rolled over product. I need to find my tape again. Uh! Would I repurchase it? Well, it was okay, but I want to try other shower gels. Probably from the same brand. 

ALPSTORIES Aloe Vera Organic Shampoo (~13€)
Again, I talked about this product in the Spa time post (check the link in the upper paragraph) and I can't recommend it enough. It saved my scalp. Not just that, it made my hair ultra soft and even if my hair did look the same it never felt as soft as it did with the use of this shampoo. And my scalp didn't get any more oily as it does now. So it's really great for me :). Too bad I used it up. Well, I will keep it in mind for future repurchases. 

L'OCCITANE Creme Comfort 5% Shea Butter (comes in a set)
A cream that I didn't think would suit my moody combination skin. But it actually did well in my daily and night skincare regime. I used it over the Ebrand hyaluronic serum and it worked nicely together. If I applied too much of the cream at night, I would wake up as a greasy ball, but with the right (small) amount, my skin would be grateful and happy. I talked about it in this post. I would definitely repurchase it. As soon as I use up all my other creams. 

OMBIA Hair Conditioner (comes with the Hofer hair dye)
I am sure I talked about this product many times because it's a product you get in Hofer's hair dyes. It's a nice smelling hair conditioner that does it's job well. Smells like fresh apricots if you were wondering. But no matter how well it does the job it's supposed to and my hair is later nice and soft, I started to dislike the packaging. I am also wondering if it's because I used it up so many times that I got bored of it? I don't think I would repurchase it. I'm bored of it. 

BALEA Oil Repair Express Kur Hair Mask (~2€)
I used this product in the past, like this post. I received this product in the Balea Advent Calendar 2015 and I was quite pleased to get a product I somehow liked and knew beforehand. I liked the scent (apricot?) and effect, but at the same time, I found it to be nothing too special. I don't think I would repurchase it. 

*NUXE Golden Oil (~28€)
A body/hair/face oil that I used with much love and excitement. Even my child loved that I would put a couple of drops in his bath so it would have some "magic" and after the bath, his skin would be nice and nourished and also sparkly, like if he had some sort of a superpower. Kids are hilarious ;). Anway, I enjoyed this product a lot and especially the scent took me to the past of luxury and nice adventures. I also talked about it in this post where I told you what it does for me. I would totally repurchase this!

*DT Funky Coconut Shower Gel (3€)
A product I wasn't too excited about, mostly because the scent that I didn't really like. Luckily the shampoo found a new happy owner while I had so little of the shower gel left that I had to use it up. I mean I hate wasting product. So I used it in many different ways. Baths? Yes! Lots of washing with it? Yes! I wouldn't repurchase it, nope. Not the scent for me. However, you can read more about it here.

HOLIKA HOLIKA Smooth Egg Skin Peeling Gel (Sample)
Okay, I was very scared of this sample at first. I even gave it away to a friend. But another (same!) sample found its way with another order and, this time, I decided to give it a go. Why was I scared? You see, I have a mild allergy to eggs. And even if eggs in food won't do much to me, eggs applied on the skin will cause a reaction. Once I followed Michelle Phan's "egg mask" recipe and I applied the egg white (I think) to my face. After 2 minutes my face became red and started itching. I washed the thing off right away and since then I am scared of cosmetics made from eggs. But this thing seemed promising (as in oil would form in small patches, um, ... things). I used it after I washed my face like 6 times, since I was trying to remove my makeup with a new product (not cool), and it didn't do a thing for my skin. Except the jawline was feeling a bit itchy/painful for a couple of minutes. I have another sample and I will give it a go again, but this time in the morning. I'll let you guys know how it goes. Wish me luck! 

ESSENCE All About Matt! Fixing powder (~4€)
I had this product for a very long time. I was scared that I'd use it too soon, like in about three months as some girls would say. But it freaking took me a year. A damn long year! It's not that it is a bad product, not at all. It's that my expectations weren't realistic (as in how long it would take me to finish it up) and I was wanting to try all the things. This powder did a good job at mattifying my face. Except during summer. Then nothing helped and I was melting in about 30 minutes after application of anything. And I mean anything. During other months, it does its job well. I found a solution for summer months which is another face cream. For oily skin. I already repurchased it. 

*L'OCCITANE Miel Mandarine Lip Balm (7,60€)
I got this product back at the L'Occitane event, about which I talked here. At first, I didn't really like it, mostly because of the scent. But later I realized that it does a really great job at moisturizing and nourishing my lips that were in the "Winter mode". I liked it a lot and my kid did so, too (he stole it so many times, it's hard to count). And before I knew, it was gone. Empty. Used up. *small sob*
I would definitely repurchase it!

CATRICE Made to Stay Lip Polish (discontinued)
This is a product I talked and used up a lot. Whenever I was up to a lazy lipstick, I'd use this one. Why? Because even when it would be gone (which would take literally hours at a time), it would leave a lip stain. Luckily I was able to get my hands on two more of these beauties so I don't have to cry over how awesome it was. It is. Already repurchased. 

ESSENCE All Eyes On Me Waterproof Mascara (2€?)
I had very high hopes for this mascara. But it didn't deliver any of them. No volume, no length. Nothing. Except that it truly was waterproof. At the end, I used it just to make my other mascaras more long-lasting. Would not repurchase. 

ESSENCE Lash Princess (~4€)
Another Essence mascara, but, this time, a really great one. It would give me lots of volumes, lots of lenght and it would wear nicely. Except for one small thing. After a couple of hours, it would leave a mark on my upper lid. Maybe because my lids are oily and my eyes are hooded? But it made me sad. I love it very much, but damn, I don't like having any random black dots on my perfectly made makeup. I'm thinking about repurchasing it. Still not sure. 

*LANCOME Hypnose Volume mascara (~30€)
A beauty product I got at the BBMULJ 2015. I got really excited since I have never tried any of the Lancome or any high-end mascaras. It was love at first try. The formula was perfect. Not too wet, not too dry. Made my lashes to die for. Except it would get drying with every single use. After a week of daily use, it wouldn't give me lashes that were to die for, just normal "daily" lashes. The staying power is awesome, I just wish it wouldn't get as dry as quickly. I wouldn't repurchase it. 

NATURAL EARTH Camu Camu powder (17€)
Since it's pure beauty related why I am taking this powder (to mix with the disgusting MSM powder - the beauty mineral), I decided to include it in this post. 
The Camu Camu powder is this dark brown with an orangeish tone that has a very acid taste. Not too bad, but not exactly something I would drink out of pure pleasure. I mix one spoon of it with one spoon of MSM to drink as a daily beauty regime. Does it work? I am not sure, it's not long enough. But sadly I managed to use one package of this in two weeks! That's damn expensive considering one packaging is about 17€! Probably wouldn't repurchase.

These were my monthly empties. Did you count how many did I use up? ;)

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