Balea Advent Calendar - My thoughts and pictures

Last time I talked about the Essence Advent calendar, but today it is time to share my thoughts about the Balea Advent calendar.

  Balea is a brand that is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I am already a big fan of Alverde but never gave much thought to Balea. Well, this may change because in this calendar there were some gems. 

This advent calendar was pretty heavy. I got quite annoyed at it, because when I put it on the wall, it was unbalanced. Luckily this problem fixed itself the first day of the Advent. Why? Because on the right bottom corner of it, there was a quite heavy (50ml) Body Milk that has been weighing down the calendar.

All the goodies I got. I must admit, looking at this picture, they are a colorful bunch of fellows. 

And day, by day (random) - click on the image to see full size. 

What I received:
1. Reichhaltige Bodymilk, ♥ 2. Wash gel, ♥ 3. Anti-Falten Tagescreme Q10,♥ 4. Dusche & Creme Vanille und Cocos, ♥ 5. Anti-Falten Nachtcreme Q10, ♥ 6. Seife Tannenbaum, ♥ 7. Fussbalsam,♥ 8. Feuchtigkeits Shampoo, 9.♥ Feuchtigkeits Aufbau-Kur, 10.♥ Lippenpflege Sensitive, 11. ♥ Med Ultra Sensitive Intensivcreme, 12.♥ Oil Repair Express Kur, ♥ 13. Badeherz, ♥ 14. Pflegecreme, ♥ 15. Reinigende Maske, ♥ 16. Repair + Pflege Shampoo, ♥ 17. Beautiful Long 1-Minuten Intensiv Kur,♥ 18. After Shave Pflege Gel, ♥ 19. Hand- und Nagelbalsam,♥  20. Badestern Bratapfel, ♥ 21. Intensivpflege Shampoo, ♥ 22. Milch & Honig Maske, ♥ 23. Dushce & Creme Limette und Aloe Vera, ♥ 24. Eau De Toilette Sense of Magic

So, some of these products I have tried before (the hair mask, some shower gels) and I liked them. 

The products I am really excited about are mostly:
  • the perfume (smells delicious - a bit vanilla like, but fresher), 
  • the sensitive face cream (no scent!), 
  • the beautifully smelling shower gel, 
  • of course, the lip balm that is a must in every "collection", 
  • the feet cream. 

So that's quite some many of "can't wait to try" products, right?

I am happy with this advent calendar, but what I miss are some lovely thoughts printed on the paper next to the windows. Like the Essence had it done. Other than that, this advent calendar is well worth its price (15€) and I totally suggest you all, to get it next year.


  1. Meni so bile pri Balei vedno ful fajn maske za obraz in geli za tuširanje. Te mini embalaže so meni tak fajn, ker so priročne in ker jih dejansko porabiš:)še preden se nardi gužva z drugimi:)

    1. Jaaa, mini sizes so super, da lahko stestiraš, če ti je res kul in sploh shower gels.. kdo pa porabi celega no.. :P Jaz se prej vonja naveličam .P


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