DM Visiomax Monthly Contact Lenses

A month ago I first noticed in our DM store that they had a product that I only dreamed about - DM brand contact lenses.

I have been using contacts since I was about 17, so It's 10 years now. I've tried many different brands and learned what my eyes like the most and what feels ok and what doesn't.

So read on to see what I think about this novitiate in the DrogerieMarkt stores. 

In the store, you can see that their dioptries run from -1.00 to -6.00, so if your dioptry(es) comes in this range, then you are in luck.

I was checking the prices online because most items are way cheaper on the German DM page, but this time, it wasn't so. Only one lens comes in one box. One box costs 3,49€. And these are monthly lenses. So you need at least two contact lenses to last you a month. The Germans aren't this lucky and their prices are more expensive - about 5€ for one contact lens.

At first, I was really surprised that DM decided to bring these lenses to our country. I mean, yes it is great, but.. how do they perform? 

A quick calculation later I was, even more, excited because now I pay about 60€ / two boxes / 3 months since I have two different dioptres for Monthly lenses - if I switched to these it would be 20,67€ for three months. That's more than 50% off what I am paying now.

I started using these lenses with the same brand contact solution (simply because I ran out of my regular one) and I can say that the contact lens solution is great. Cleans exceptionally well the lenses (yes, even other brands) and comes at 8€/360ml which is OK. 

This is what Google-fu translate said about their official description:
Visiomax month contact lens for the correction of myopia. Particularly eye-safe, the soft monthly contact lens made of oxygen permeable material with integrated UV protection. Slight settling due to high physiological compatibility. For optimal comfort and durability of the contact lenses, Visiomax care agents are recommended.

The lenses are super thin. Really thin. And lightly colored blue (except on the inner circle, I can see it being clear there) and blend well with the eye. I am used to lenses being more colored as in better for beginners, but at the same time, I never had such thin lenses. Not that they look extra thin, but they feel like.... nothing

Can you spot the lens? I can barely.

So, I wore them for two weeks straight. All the day, all the time. About 12 hours a day. I even slept with them (naps, wouldn't recommend it). 

They are very comfortable. Even after long periods of wear. They don't feel dry on the eyes. 
You know, the easiest way to check how dry they can get is simple - just hop into the shower while wearing your contact lenses. There's absolutely no way you'll be able to remove them without some discomfort. Luckily, I had none with these! Perfect!!

Usually wearing contact lenses while sitting in front of a PC is a semi NO, because it dries out your eyes quickier..  But I don't like how heavy my glasses feel on the bridge of my nose after long days, so I wear them for the PC too. :P 

The only time when I was very surprised and a bit shocked was when I was crying like mad (it happens about 2x/year) and I was also rubbing my eyes. And then I couldn't see well from one eye. 
Uhh, I went to check on the floor (since this is the exact way I lost one contact lens a couple of weeks before) and the lens wasn't there and I wasn't even trying hard since I could see only from one eye... 
Then I went to check in the mirror.. nope no lens. I pulled my lid up and hell, there it was! Perfectly comfortable even if it went under my lid o.O. 
So these lenses are pretty damn comfortable. 

My final thoughts are simple. I will buy all the lenses in my dioptry. Don't you dare to buy them before me :P. Just joking... (or not, haha). 
Because of them, I will finally be able to wear contacts daily (and switch to glasses in the evening / PC / weekend). I was skipping on wearing contacts simply because it was just too expensive and sometimes uncomfortable. I am totally comfortable with saying to everyone - try them if you have the chance - they are inexpensive (6,89€ for a monthly pair) and very comfortable (their Base Curve is 8.60).
Thumbs up from my side!
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