NEW IN: August 2017

New in august 2017

I thought that I didn't purchase a lot of things last month. I was wrong. I was very wrong. Now I also know where all my money went. :o

But if you are curious what I got last month you can read it here - New in July 2017

Anway, the deed has been done and here are all the new things from last month. I guess it's safe to say that from now on I'm shopping only my stash (I'm still waiting on some online purchases). 

NEW IN August 2017

As the probably only thing that gets published monthly on CherryColors, here's a new part of my documenting of my hauls.  

Avon cleansing oil

I received a lovely package from *Avon which included a Cleansing oil, a LUXE lipstick, an eye pencil and a huge tropical shower gel. 

I am a fan of the oil and I love using it for my body and my face. 

Lothmann Paris hair mask

I also received a package from * who sent me a Lothmann hair mask and a hair balm. They included some samples.

Lancome Energie De Vie

Next, I got a package that brought joy to my heart as I'm currently a skin care junkie (but also a noob with it). I got a *Lancome Energie de Vie serum, a sleeping mask, and a liquid lipstick. 
The liquid lipstick is very soothing and pigmented. I am quite excited about the skincare products and I'm just starting using them. 

L'Occitane haul

I visited L'Occitane where my sister started to work and I couldn't just leave empty handed, could I? I spend a chunk of my money there. I purchased a 5% Shea Butter Light cream and a hand cream with SPF.  Both are used daily. 

L'Occitane goodie bag

This was my "gift with purchase" from L'Occitane. It's perfect for storing mascaras and samples! 

stratia liquid gold

A kind fellow skin-lover sent me a sample of the Stratia Liquid gold. There's about a 1/8th of it inside. 

depend gellack

When I was kind of wandering around a local drugstore that I rarely go in (Tuš Drogerije), I found three new gel polishes from Depend. They are from the Summer line 2017. Very pretty. 

Oriflame My Little Garden

I received a perfume from *Oriflame for test purposes. It's called My Little Garden and it's very fresh. I reviewed it here

Le Couvent Des Minimes de l'angelus

The next perfume I received is from *Le Couvent Des Minimes and it's their new De L' Angelus. I talked about it here

LOV cosmetics Serum foundation

For some reason, I had in mind that I didn't have enough foundations in my "foundation basked" so I got a new one. It's from LOV Cosmetics and it's my very first product from them (I only tried their nail polish).

Makeup Revolution PRO HD LUXE palette

The next goodie package came from * and it included a Makeup Revolution PRO HD LUXE Palette, a Unicorns Heart Highlighter, and a lipstick.

the ordinary haul

Of course, I had to purchase a couple of things from The Ordinary. I got a product from my Wishlist - A glycolic acid 7% Toning solution, a fresh bottle of the Hyaluronic Acid Serum + B5  and a bottle of 100% Plant Derived Squalene.

I also got my Rosette Ceramide Gel from Amazon.

Avon Pore & Shine control Black Mineral Mask

*Avon sent me an interesting mask with clay and some curious extracts - Prose & Shine Control Black Mineral Mask. 
Banillaco CLEAN it ZERO

My order from Iherb came. I ordered a Banilla co Clean it ZERO cleansing balm and a Sheet mask (since it was a shipping saver) and COSRX Acne Pimple Patches which I swear by. 

Essence sheet mask

For some odd reason I didn't have enough of the things and I went to visit Mueller. I purchased an Essence Circle mask (you put them in the fridge) and their Sheet mask. 

Visiomax DM contacts

Then I visited DM for a refill of my contact lenses and a lenses solution

Soraya Care Control

I got a goodie package from * with some new products from Soraya - a Care Control mask and a Care Control clay mask with acids. 

Orofluido Asia

Of course, I couldn't resist purchasing this cute set from Orofluido because I remembered loving the hair thing a very long time ago

A'Pieu cleansing oil

I finally received one of the two packages from Jolse. The second got lost in the mail. It's an A'Pieu Cleansing oil and a Lioele Spot control thing.

Jolse samples

This time Jolse was very generous with the samples. 

Foreo Luna Play PLUS

I also purchased my very first skin cleansing sonic device - a Foreo. I talked about it in my August 2017 Favorites post. 

essence cute things

I also got a cute PR bag from Essence - I got a & the lovely little things palette and nail/things stickers. I really like the stickers they are very well made!

Whew, this months' list is HUGE. I guess I should go on a NO BUY, what do you think?

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