Oriflame My Little Garden Eau De Toilette

Oriflame My Little Garden Eau De Toilette

Your peaceful sanctuary in the city.
Leave behind the chaos, hustle and bustle of the day and feel your stresses melt away. This modern floral-muguet fragrance with the sublime fresh green scent of basil flower will sweep you away to the peace and tranquility of a private garden. A fragrant, uplifting sanctuary for you and you alone.

This week I'm talking about perfumes because I have two new perfumes and it's been quite a while since I talked about them on my blog. 

The first I want to talk about is the Oriflame My Little Garden Eau De Toilette

Oriflame My Little Garden Eau De Toilette

Be swept away to a tranquil plant-filled retreat with My Little Garden Eau de Toilette. The fragrance opens with the distinctive, fresh green scent of basil flower in a feminine spray of neroli and apple blossom. Lily of the valley and jasmine petals suffuse the heart with sublime delicacy, hawthorn adds a touch of sweet sensuality, and the drydown of sandalwood, cedar wood and musks offer a modern, refined trail.

Oriflame My Little Garden Eau De Toilette

Hero fragrance note: Basil Flower

The basil flower blooms on the basil plant and has a delicate, fresh, green basil scent. Basil originated in India and has been cultivated for thousands of years. Young girls used to place basil leaves on their windowsills to attract the attention of young men, and in some countries, basil plants are given as an engagement gift as a symbol of peace and everlasting love.

Key Fragrance notes: Basil Flower, Lily of the Valley, Musks 

Top: Basil Flower, Neroli, Apple Blossom Heart: Lily of the Valley, Hawthorn, Jasmine Petals Base: Sandalwood, Cedar Wood, Musks

Oriflame My Little Garden Eau De Toilette

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My Thoughts:

The perfume comes in an interesting bottle that reminds me of vintage perfumes
On the first whiff of the cap, the perfume smells light, joyful with a bit of musk.
On my skin, the first notes are fresh, exciting and young. It's a very citrusy scent that doesn't smell sweet. 
After a while, the scent develops into something bolder, darker but with a touch of light.
Sadly and expectedly the scent doesn't last long on me, I'd say about 4-5 hours max. But if I understand it correctly, it's supposed to be a "now go relax" sort of scent. 

I like the scent and I can see myself rocking it after a hectic week of work. 

You can get it from Oriflame from 28€ to 18€ (depending on the sales). 
18€ is a better price for this perfume and one I'd be willing to pay, but 28€ is over the top for it. 

*The products were sent to me by the company or their PR for review purposes. My reviews are always honest. This post contains affiliate links.

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