Review: OroFluido

Today I have a review for you, since I postponed these reviews until my blog was everything else than reviews! :(

I got it back in June, because it was very actual back then. I read great reviews on it, so I had to have it.
I checked three different hair saloons because everyone wanted it. Everyone raved about it. But luckily in the 3rd one, I managed to get my bottle.

It comes in a gorgeous black box and with it you get three mini samples of it, to give to your friends!
(I already gave one away, that's why there's only 2 samples in the picture) And even the samples have the pretty logo on them.

The box.

And samples! Pretty, no?

The design of the bottle is fantastic. It's one of the rare things I love the design on. I really like the black/golden feeling of it. It looks really classy/vintage and yet modern. The design of the bottle is also somehow mystic. Pretty. 

It says:

cyclopentasiloxane, cyclotetrasiloxane, dimethicanol, argania spinosa kernel oil, cyperus esculentus root oil, parfum, isopropyl palmitate, linum usitatissimum seed oil, hydroxyisohexyl 3-cyclohexane carboxaldehide, CI 47000, CI 2610

The bottle has a screw on cap, and when you unscrew it.. there's a huge hole under it.

That could be a problem, if the oil wouldn't be a thick one. Less than Castor Oil, but thicker than Jojoba Oil.

The scent is my favorite thing. It smells like vanilla with wood. On the site/package it says that it's vanilla and amber, but I still don't know how amber smells like.
The scent is very unisex and doesn't make me feel sick. It's perfect. If they were making perfume with this scent, I'd buy it.

I bought this oil because of its scent. I wanted my hair to smell divine even if I'd sweat (it was summer). 
I was really disappointed when I used it the first time, because the scent didn't last long.
BUT the second time I used it, it was a totally different story. The scent lasted all day long and more!

The more I used it, the more I noticed how my hair got softer and softer. I really didn't expect it. I mean I thought that with all those silicons it's not the best thing to put on your hair..  but it actually is.
At this point I have to tell you that my hair is thin, dry and curly. It's a nightmare to maintain.

I only apply it on 1/3 of my hair or max 2/3, because my roots always get super oily the 2nd or 3rd day.

I was using it after every shower, but then I got lazy. And so on...  It was a cycle and whenever I used it, I liked it! 
But then I dyed my hair red. And since I use a very mild shampoo, I have to use a good cleansing shampoo once per week, to strip all the silicons/hair products out of my hair. And that makes my red hair fade with the speed of light...  so I started to dislike it a bit.
Of course it's not the fault of this product. Not at all. 

I will use the bottle till the end and then I have to use another oil from Joico (that sadly smells totally boring) and then.. I'll see if I'll buy a new bottle.

How I use it?
After I wash my hair, I air dry it for a couple of minutes (or just wipe them with a towel) and then I take my brush and comb though my hair.
Then I put some oil into my palms, stroke, and apply on my hair. I comb though again.
And after that I leave my hair to air dry. I seldom use the hair dryer.

If I use it dry, I just apply a tiny bit to my roots/hair just enough to stop the fuzziness. And add some extra shine to my hair.

This is how much I have left after more than 6 months (I use a lot of it, usually it lasts more than a year)

+ Great bottle design
+ Smells divine
+ Makes my hair softer
+ A drop goes a long way
+ Price is reasonable

Contains a dye that is a bit controversial (red - CI 26100)
- I need to wash my hair with a cleansing shampoo to strip the silicons out of my hair. If I don't do that, in the long run the oil becomes effectiveness.

Price: 3/5 ♥♥♥ (23€ for 100ml)
Rating: 4/5 ♥♥♥♥ 

I like it, but I don't like their marketing that says 'it's all natural'. Of course it's not! I'd also be really happy if they took the useless dyes out. They don't have any other use, just to make it look more golden.. So the 'stupid customer' will buy it.
But other than that, it's a really good product. 
If they change the formula and ditch the dyes, it will become my staple product.

Would I suggest it?
Well yes and no. No because of the dyes and yes because of its effect. That's where you have to make your own decision :).

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