Le Couvent des Minimes Eau de L'Angelus

Le Couvent des Minimes Eau de L'Angelus

Le Couvent des Minimes has launched two new limited edition Botanical Colognes for summer: Eau de L'Angelus & Eau du Prieuré. 

Continuing with my week of perfumes, today I'm talking about the newest botanical perfume by Le Couvent des Minimes named Eau de L'Angelus

Le Couvent des Minimes Eau de L'Angelus 

  • In the garden of the Convent of the Minimes, the ballet of the bells sounds to the rhythm of the song of the birds ...
  • An absolute of vanilla with tender notes, a heart of cedar bewitching, the freshness of the Hesperides, for a cologne that echoes the moments of sweetness and harmony at the Couvent des Minimes.

Writing about perfumes is hard, there just aren't enough words to describe the scents, the memories they bring up ... which makes it even harder to convey my thoughts about them.

But let's try, shall we? 

What is a botanical perfume?

A botanical perfume is made from natural ingredients and contains no synthetic ingredients. 

Beneficent recipes combining plants, citrus and eau de vie, the "Miraculous Waters" were formerly distilled in convents since the 14th century and are now better known as Cologne. The Convent of Minimes is inspired by this ancestral tradition to propose Eaux de Cologne with delicate and varied scents.

Le Couvent des Minimes Eau de L'Angelus
On the first whiff of the cap, you can smell a gentle vanilla without the sickening sweetness of it. There's also a slightly flowery under scent with it

As when I spray the cologne on my skin, the first scent is also the vanilla but with a fresher scent with it, I'm guessing it's the oranges?

The whole combination brings memories to me. It reminds me of vanilla cookies that  grandma baked when we were kids. It brings memories of familiarity, of kindness and of joy. 

Le Couvent des Minimes Eau de L'Angelus

It reminds me of vanilla cookies that grandma baked when we were kids

Top Notes
Orange,  Citrus

Heart Notes
Myrrh,  Elemi

Base notes
Vanilla,  Cedarwood

After a little bit of time the scent changes - it leaves a salty aftertaste (scent?), with deeper tones. 
The vanilla is still strong but if there was any sweetness in the citrusy combination, it is now gone. 

My thoughts:

This is a lovely scent that brings back memories for me. It smells like vanilla in all the stages without it smelling sweet. For me, it's an interesting combination and makes me want to try even more of their colognes. My favorite so far is the Sereine line that embraces me in this tiny "bubble" of relaxation. 

Even if the bottle is pink, the scent is a unisex one and I can see guys rocking it without a problem. 

These colognes are priced at about 28€ for 100 ml and you can get it in Muller stores.

*The products were sent to me by the company or their PR for review purposes. My reviews are always honest. This post contains affiliate links.

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