New in: September 2017

It's that time of the month again. No, it's not exactly that time of the month, but the time where I share all the new purchases and PR products I got in the last month.

This time it's all about the products that "came to me" in September 2017. That's the month I also decided to go an extensive no buy - I'll talk about it in another post. 

New in: September 2017

If you are curious what I got and bought the month before, you can read all about that here

First I got some goodies from Avon* two nail polishes (textured) eyebrow gel pot and a Bubble bath. 
One of the masks I got from iHerb as part of my purchase and the other is from Essence. 

I already reviewed the eyebrow gel pot here. In the picture, I included a sample from Jolse. 

These were part of my Giveaway prize that I won at SummerMBeauty 2017.  I'm talking about the Clavin Klein perfume, the L'Occitane oil shower gel, and a Nivea Honey mask.

Next, I purchased a couple of DM Balea Sheet Masks. I tried one of them already - you can read all about it here

I also got a lovely package from Essence*. It included a highlighter stick the amazing Rain or Shine palette and a color changing Lip balm. 

I also finally got my A'Pieu sunscreen in gel form. It traveled for three months!

I also received a couple of products from a new *Essence release - the Coast'n'Chill edition. I wrote about it here

After months of thinking about it, I found a lovely deal on weird enough - iHerb. I'm talking about the Banilla clean it Zero balm. It's wonderful and I plan on writing about it soon.

Next, I got a couple of goodies from my sister from L'Occitane. They are a spraying mist and a body butter. 

Next is another order from iHerb. I am starting to like that website. Their shipping is fast and reliable. I ordered a couple of Vitamin Cs and a small dose of Vitamin D3 for the kiddo.
 The sheet mask was a shipping saver. 

Next is a Vamp Stamp from eBay (obviously fake). I also got a real deal from another site. I forgot to take pictures of the original one, but if you care - you can see a video where I put both to the test. 

And finally, DMs got the cute Sloth edition from their home brand - Balea. Both were under 1€ and it is such a joy to look at this cute packaging. 

Unexpectedly I got a package from *Avon. I mean, I didn't expect it but they do send me PR products monthly. It's a duo perfume Eve duet and some nail files

And as last, I got some Coffee masks by the company Hiddencos. I was sent them by Jolse*. It's a first so yay? If you're curious you can read all about them here

Whew, this was quite a month and I thought I didn't get a lot of products. But in truth, I got so damn many, I just can't believe it. Luckily I'm not on a no buy, so no more buying from me. :D 

And it seems that the fewer products I buy, the more I write about the products I already own. Isn't that curious? 

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.  

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