I received two types of coffee masks from Jolse.com
I actually didn't know that I was selected in the giveaway raffle but here I am, chasing the deadline. :D

So what exactly are coffee masks? Read on and join me on this journey of discovery.


The first mask that I tried is the Latte mask. 

The premium arabica coffee extract provides rich moisture and nutrition to the tired skin.Anti-aging adenosine and whitening niacinamide tends the skin clear and elastic.Patented Phyto Oligo ingredient protects and tends the skin smooth with moisture.


The packaging is brilliant - vivid and it really reminds me of a creamy coffee. 

Me, being a coffeeholic wanted to see how it would work for me. 
I actually mostly drink black coffee because regular milk gives me skin troubles and I want to avoid that. I was curious if this mask would help me boost my skin or if it would mean trouble.

the mask came soaked in coffee-scented serum

When I first opened the mask there was a shock! It smells exactly like milk coffee and for some odd reason that put me off
But I put on my brave face and applied it anyway. I was a bit grossed out by the excessive essence even if that is something I usually love - it was all because of the coffee scent!


The instructions say you should leave it on for 20- 30 minutes.  I left it on for 30 because I like to enjoy my masking time. 


The mask fitted nicely, but it was a bit too big around my mouth and the eye area was just weird. Otherwise, it was wide enough for my face. 

After the 30 minutes, I took it off and patted the remaining essence into my skin. I finished the pampering with my regular skincare routine. 

On the sheet, there was still a lot of essences which I'd be normally sad about but here I had a strong EW factor and wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible. 

I felt weird - I love coffee but the thought and actually having a coffee thing on my face puts me off. That's something new I learned about myself :). 

The mask left my skin feeling moisturized and smelling slightly of coffee (mostly milk coffee). 

The next day I woke up with a painful zit on my forehead. I don't get forehead zits! It hurt and it took a week to go away. I think I got it because of the mask but I wasn't too sure about it. 


The premium arabica coffee extract provides rich moisture and nutrition to the tired skin.
Anti-aging adenosine and whitening niacinamide tends the skin clear and elastic.
Patented Phyto Oligo ingredient protects and tends the skin smooth with moisture.


A week later I decided to give a go at the Americano mask. I mostly drink americano coffee (black coffee with water) and somehow loved the idea better than the milk coffee mask. 

This mask had less of a milk scent and more of a coffee scent. It was a pleasant scent that didn't put me off and now I know that milk scent puts me off and not coffee scent alone. 


This mask was more brown (as in the paper or maybe the soaked essence?) and it fitted a bit better than the Latte one. At least around my eyes. 


With it, I also waited for 30 minutes before I removed it.  I could still smell the coffee essence after I removed the mask. The scent is pretty strong. 

On my forehead, you can still see a pimple the other mask left

With this mask, I actually loved the results! My skin felt fresher, moisturized and pretty darn happy.  In a couple of minutes I got a small itchy patch next to my cheek. Luckily, it passed. 
I still just couldn't do with the scent but it was less revolting than the latte mask. 

Would that make me a not-true coffee addict? I guess not, it does just probably mean that I can't process having my favorite beverage on my face. :D

The next day I woke up to another pimple which was sad for me. I really thought I could use these masks!

I wanted to love these masks, I really tried hard to love them. 
But sadly there's something in them that my skin just doesn't like. This was actually the first time that using a sheet mask resulted in active acne. It was shocking and made me think about life a bit (hah!). 
But as far as I could read the other posts, people seem to like them. 
Sadly, they didn't work for me. I loved the coffee scent but hated the combination of the scent and texture (slimy). And it seems I'm one of those "old school" coffee loves - I love my coffee in my cup and nowhere else (okay undereye/cellulite products are amazing and contain coffee!). 
Which means that these masks get a hard NO from me. 

*The products were sent to me by the company or their PR for review purposes. My reviews are always honest. 

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