BALEA Tuchmaske SWEET MANGO (Sheet mask)


Balea (Drogerie Markt home brand) recently came out with a line of sheet masks. 
Sheet masks are a bit unusual in our part of the world (Europe) but are slowly dripping to the market. 

The sheet masks come in three versions - Cool Melon (with Watermelon extract), Sweet Mango (with mango extract) and Fancy Pomegranate (with grapefruit extract).

I've tested the Sweet Mango version and here's how it went.


Google Translate helped me translate a small description from German:

The facial mask of Balea is suitable for every type of skin. It smells tropical-fresh to mangos and gives the skin valuable moisture. Almond oil soothes the skin soft and smooth.

What it is?

It's a sheet mask priced at 0,99€ (cheap!) with a cute packaging design.
It contains Mango extract and it's supposed to make the skin soft and smooth with a hydration boost. 

Ingredients list

How it works?

You apply it on clean skin for 10 minutes. After that period of time, you take it off and pat in your skin the excess serum.

My experience?

The first thing I noticed upon opening it was the scent. It smelled like a mango shampoo (tropical) but in a watery way. It wasn't a bad scent and it wasn't too strong.

The paper mask was feeling a bit on the dry side (as if there wasn't enough serum inside the bag?) but the size was great - it fit nicely!  After a minute or two, I felt a bit of a tingling/burning sensation on my forehead. 

I used a silicone mask "keeper" to keep my mask in place for the 10 minutes and to prevent the serum to completely evaporate.


After 10 minutes I took it off and patted the excess serum on my skin. 

My skin was feeling moisturized except for my forehead. Which is weird, my forehead isn't dry as the skin on it is usually oily. 

As an overall feeling, it was OK - just the forehead was bothering me. 

What I did notice in the following hours was an itching sensation on my chin where a small pimple formed. I don't know if it has anything to do with the mask or not, but the thing was gone by the next day. 


Overall I think these masks are OK. They are an OK moisture boost, but that's practically it. 
The packaging design is cute and I enjoy that aspect of the masks, the fit is great (something hard to find with Asian masks). But I do miss some extra serum in those baggies.
For the amazing price of 99c, it's hard to complain. I mean, everyone can buy at least one. 
I will try the other two types and hopefully, they have more of the serum inside because that's something that is severely lacking. 
Why did I give them 3 peaches (stars?)? Because of the serum lack and because they did nothing for my skin except moisture 3/4 of it and semi irritate my forehead. 

I also made a short video about the mask in question (in Slovenian).

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