Joy is such a wonderful thing. And you know what? It's contagious ;). It starts with a smile and then the feeling spreads to your lower abdomen. Enjoy it, it's fun!

Here's a list of 50 things that make me happy. This post was inspired by the always lovely and amazing Tina from French Vanilla

  1. Hugs, deep and meaningful ones
  2. deep laughs
  3. small kisses :*
  4. holding hands
  5. a warm and kind look
  6. birds singing

  7. happy music (instrumental)
  8. spontaneous dance sessions (in the middle of nowhere or at home)
  9. feeding birds (and creating their feeders)
  10. applying makeup (in new ways or just the routine of doing it)
  11. a big cup of coffee with rice or almond milk (to start my day)
  12. a cookie or two (because deep inside I'm a bit of a Cookie Monster :D) 
  13. running and dancing in the Summer rain (almost like the song..)
  14. long, silent walks in the woods
  15. playtime with my child
  16. playtime and running with my dog (but let's look the other way when he gets in a mud puddle, haha)
  17. naps! (to power through an especially hard day)
  18. Bold colors for bolder days
  19. lying on the grass and watching the sky (and trying to figure out what does each cloud look like)
  20. meditation (because being under stress sucks)
  21. drawing and sketching
  22. applying nail polish
  23. Blogging
  24. My birthday! :D
  25. long talks with friends (it's the time when you tell them everything)
  26. Kawaii packaging (especially Korean cosmetics is so frigging cute!)
  27. events! (When I go to events, I'm a happy blogger ;)
  28. Giving gifts and looking at the person's reaction
  29. A good hair day
  30. Awesome skin care and healthy looking skin
  31. Feeling of confidence
  32. Cooking (always with love)
  33. Window shopping in peace
  34. Great looking photos
  35. Working out (Yes, it does make me happy!)
  36. Receiving lovely comments on my blog
  37. Funny and weird cooking utensils
  38. Inspirational videos (short ones, I dislike long ones)
  39. Pretty bedsheets
  40. A visit to the seaside and my family
  41. Hearing a joyful kid laugh or scream with excitement (my niece has the happiest scream and giggle ever!)
  42. Watching kids play
  43. Growing a garden (and eating such food)
  44. Scents that bring back memories (peach, cookies,..)
  45. Helping someone.
  46. Seafood. It's my favorite, but it's been years since I had any.
  47. Trips! I love going from place to place and just discover stuff.
  48. A nice book, especially if it's funny and immersing. Beautifully written.
  49. Beautiful photos
  50. The feeling that no matter what, I have my family. That I belong and am loved.

Which are the things that make you happy?

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