NEW IN: February 2016

February is almost over (how quickly it went by!) and it's time to tell you all about some new goodies I got. 

This also means that it will be soon time for a monthly Empties post ;). So you can follow with me what I get and what I managed to use up in a month, It's quite a fun challenge. 

One of the most fun items with great results was this Holika Holika Baby Silky Foot Mask about which I talked here. I was really happy with the results and the lovely scent it had. 

Next in line is this weird pore cleanser thing. Or whatever it is. It's supposed to help you clean your pores (or acne) in an easy and painless way. Well, mine came poorly made and hurt me while I tried using it. Off in the trash can it went.

The next is a product from the "I am trying this, so you don't have to" line. It's an um.. slimming device that looks like a sex/torture thing. Does it work? I don't know, I have a problem getting it in my mouth without feeling like I'm going to choke and die

Then I received a nice pack of chocolates that was delicious, even if I only managed to eat one. 
I also got some pretty lingerie, so I guess I'm in the next phase of my relationship? Like.. um, what is it? Hahaha. 

Something that made me really happy was this pack of goodies from Alpstories. It's still waiting for testing because I still have a couple of other things open and they all deserve their own test. :) 

Right in time for V-day I got two nice packages - one from Avon and the other one from Oriflame
Both of them made my day and weekend. I am using religiously the lipstick since it's the perfect nude for me. 

Of course, I wouldn't be me if I didn't at least, try some instant coffee from the Beanies. I ordered three kinds of it and I am currently loving the Nutty Hazelnut one. 

Ebrand Slovenija sent me some lovely samples to test. I am currently testing the Jaluro Gel (face) and the nail gel set. I am actually really happy with both products and will talk more about in the next month. 

I always wanted to try some BB Cushions and this was the first one that I had to say "I want to have it". It's the design that did it for me, of course, it was. I am talking about the Missha Moisture Cushion x Line Friends LE. I am using it on my combination skin and so far so good. It has a light coverage and I don't need to use a cream underneath because it's not matte. 

Kozmetika Afrodita surprised me with this nice smelling set of Shower gel and body lotion that is also a limited edition. I just used up my regular items and now it's time to test these babies out. 

A really weird product I purchased is this neck slimming device that comes with 3 settings. The settings are these three different springs. One is thin and easy to bend while the other two are thicker. So the thicker the spring = more resistance = harder exercise. I got it because I absolutely dislike my double chin. It's a bit from being overweight and a bit it's genes. But some workout can't do any harm, right? 

And to finish this post, here's my latest additions. 
I got a couple of gifts from friends and family. The amazing Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics palette by a dear friend of mine, some bracelets by my sister and the mascaras by Essence are from myself. I needed a new mascara, but since the text on the back was so confusing I ended with both ;).
The lipstick is by Avon, to make the picture prettier ;). 

Do you want to see a review of any of the new products I got? Let me know in the comments. 

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