My blog in 2015 and bloggers I love

2015 was a year that brought many changes in my personal life. Many. I found out a bit more about myself, my skills and the lack of them (which I am working on), but most importantly we found our love language again.  It also brought changes in the way I take photos and write. 

It was a memorable year. :)

But read on to see what was happening on my blog in 2015. Also, check out what blogs I keep coming back to and which ones are some new blogs that sprung in 2015.

This year I published 145 blog posts which mean I blogged on average every second day
There weren't many comments - about 700 in a year, so I hope the next year brings me more commenters :).

In the year 2016, I want to keep up with the blogging schedule, but I do want to focus on better pictures and add some better vocabulary and formatting to my blog. I will also welcome more guest bloggers that will share their content on my blog (email me if you are interested).

Most read posts of 2015

As you can see, people love to read about Essence palettes. I guess it is quite a fun topic to write about ;). I have some more palettes reviews coming up in the next month, so I guess the year will start nicely :). 

My favorite posts from 2015

These became my favorite because I gave more thought to the pictures composition and tried something new with the writing. What do you think? 

Blogs I keep coming back to

These are the blogs I kept reading all year long. Sometimes regularly, but mostly whenever I had the time to. 

A blog that I recently started enjoying and I can't stop staring at the wonderful photos and beautifully written posts. 

Truth to be told, I never checked her blog much, until I met her in person. She's the sunshine and it shows in her posts which have amazing photos (so light, bright and fun!) and her posts just "reek" of energy.

A blog that has great content, but maybe not the best design. (sorry)
I love how positive she is and how kind. <3 p="">

Of course I still regularly read the Parokeets blog ;). Still great! And I'm even happier now that Maestra is back, whooo! 

NEW Blogs that have the most potential

These are the blogs that I personally think they have a lot of potentials to grow big and strong. They are new blogs that got born or re-made in 2015.

A new blog, that I recently started following. She has lovely looks and great words :)

A super cute blog with a super cute girl. She's sweet and has a great sense of what is cute and pretty. 
Hopefully, she'll post regularly :)

A very fresh blog that has a great potential. She just needs to ... post more. Tina is also a very fun girl as much as I can tell from the comments ;). 

A blog dedicated to amazing makeup. Seriously. This girl picks only the most perfect pictures and posts them (all her own). Worth checking out!!

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