Review: Essence Pure Nude Make-up Foundation


This is one of those products I bought because another blogger said it is awesome  (Gejba, totally your fault :P). 
Of course, I tried the tester available in the stores and it was a nice color match. I couldn't say much from it because to be honest I was in a hurry and wasn't paying that much attention to it.

Today I will be talking about the Essence Pure NUDE make-up foundation in 10 pure beige

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The packaging:
The design of the foundation package is lovely. It looks and feels fresh and lightweight. 
I like the lovely press on disposer which gives out a nice amount of foundation. 

The scent:
The scent is something I wasn't prepared for. It's very strong and it lingers for a while. It's also very specific (floral with something sour in it?)  and I don't like it. It makes me feel sick and I really didn't like the day when I wore it during a car ride. Made me feel really bad.

The foundation is very light and is a bit on the more watery side. It's easy to apply and wear because you just can't say you're wearing anything (skin wise). 

Truth to be told, I should have expected this. After all, it's marketed towards the younger people who don't need very heavy foundations. Well, some do, but this isn't for them then. The coverage is bad. It's very light and makes the skin a tad more even toned but doesn't cover any marks, blemishes or acne. It's all the reasons I wear foundations - to cover up. This one sadly doesn't help with it.

+ nice packaging design
+ travel-friendly
+ pump dispenser
+ inexpensive
+ doesn't break me out!

- the SCENT!
- coverage is very lightweight

I have a very love/hate relationship with this foundation. One day I loved it, two days I hated it. I'm now stuck in the hate phase because I just can't get over the scent and the coverage. I know how I listed much more of the positive aspects than negative but the negative are so important they overweight them. In terms of coverage, it's more of a tinted cream than a foundation. I am sure there are many people who prefer lightweight foundations, but I'm not one of them. When I wear a foundation I want it to cover up all the imperfections I have. I know it's one of the most inexpensive foundations out there, but I hate having products that I just can't use because they aren't for me.No matter if they are worth 5€ or 50€. I am also a bit disappointed because I had some Essence foundations in the past and they were great! But maybe the name should have told me that it's a lightweight product? Or maybe that after use it feels like nothing on your face?
 Would I recommend this? Not really, but not everyone is looking what I'm looking for in a foundation. 

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