Preview & Swatches: Essence All That Greys TE - 7 Shades of Rose and Grey palette


Yesterday I received the palette from the upcoming All That Greys Trend Edition by Essence
It will be available in stores from mid-November to December 2015. 

This is the official description:
Rose, red & grey! the eyeshadow palette offers the entire colour range of the trend edition with seven different shades. the soft, powdery texture with a high coverage is easy to apply with the duo-applicator. thanks to the integrated mirror, you can refresh your make-up on the way from the dance floor to the bar.

Well, I wasn't all that excited about this palette when I saw the PR pictures, but it's mostly because I own way too many palettes now and I'm feeling overwhelmed by them.
It will get better once I decide which are here to stay (in my stash) and which are to be gone.

This doesn't mean I wasn't overly excited when I got it in the mail. Nope! I was squeeing with glee and jumping around. Yes, I was that ecstatic! What to say, my language of love are gifts :P.

The shades are quite different from the PR pictures (are less pink and more orange-toned, which are so much more wearable). 

Swatches (natural cloudy light)

I was surprised at how buttery the shadows are. They are easy to work with and the brush part of the applicator is very handy. I used it once when I had to fix my makeup because I sneezed three times in a row, right after applying mascara. It was a mess, but the mess was somewhat manageable with some q-tips and the re-application of the shades.

I can't talk about longevity, but I will update this post with my thoughts about this palette (and wearability) in the next weeks. For now, just enjoy the pictures of this lovely upcoming palette. 

This product was sent to me by the company itself or its PR. For more information please do read my Disclosure Policy. My opinion is always honest.

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