A dog in need. Can you help?


This time I am turning to my readers in a moment of need. Financially has everything gone downhill in the last months.
And today I took my dog to the vet, because his foot hasn't been right for the last couple of months. We waited because another vet suggested to wait it up for a month. Well it didn't help, so off we went to a specialized vet.

You know what the problem is? He has a broken knee brace (if my google-fu is right) and he needs an operation ASAP (TTO Operation). The problem is only getting worse.

But we can't afford the fee ($1210), because of the bad financial situation. Heck we can hardly afford rent at the moment!

I am asking kindly for a donation. Any kind of donation will be welcomed (on my paypal: [email protected]).

Also more pictures can be found here, here and here.My dog is the most kind soul that I know of. You can read his adoption story here, meet Pablo.

If you have the option, please contribute to his operation.

      fundraising ideas for schools, churches, and youth sports teams
Edit: We settled for a different operation (that has similar success rates), that costs half of the first one. Now we need 450€ instead of 900€. 

Edit 2:
Pablo has already been operated, but we are still raising funds for him, because the operation hasn't been paid for. We found a lovely vet who did the operation on him and is OK on accepting payment whenever we get enough donations. He is now in recovery at my parent's house (because we live on the 4th floor without a lift and we can't lift his 30 kg). 

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