NOTD: Yellow and pink gradient nails


I recently discovered that I actually want to do more nail art.. and for the start here is a very simple, yet fun manicure - a gradient
The only downside? I really hate waiting for the polish to be 100% dry before doing any kind of nail art.

I did my cleanup with acetone and a brush. The brush is a bit big, but does its job well.. we'll see how it will go in the future :). 

I used;
Essence Yeah, Copacabana!
Essence Naughty but nice

Are you a fan of gradient nails?


  1. Super kombinacija ;)) tega rumenega sem si zadnjic kupila u dmu. Sam se malo slabo nanaša :/ drugace pa je lepa barva

  2. Ful lepo! :)
    Jaz ravno zaradi nepotrpežljivosti pri sušenju ne delam nail arta. :D


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