Meet Pablo!

Hello everyone!

I was away for some days with my dear and our dog Trixy. She was behaving really well! 
Today we went to the local shelter and took out a dog we've been visiting for the last month or so. His name is Pablo and he's a big guy!
But don't be fooled by his huge body, he's a true sweetheart!

He is not a Pitbull since in EU this breed doesn't exist (unless you get it from the US). So he's a mix dog. 
He's sweet at heart and really well behaved. Oh he's also the reason why I won't be having a giveaway this month. :D
But don't blame him, because he'll give you the puppy eyes look!

Today it's his first day at home and I must say that this is damn funny! xD I mean.. my dear left me in Koper (about 2,5km from Zusterna) and we walked to Zusterna. Pablo almost died. He was walking soooooooooo slowly, so luckily my dear picked us up something like 500m from my home. 

He was curious in the car, so I think he'll get used to it pretty soon. I mean we like taking road trips ;).

He doesn't really like cats, I mean he would go and ignore them but.... Well we have three of them, one is 18 years old, and other two are 3 years old. 
He is afraid of them all. The oldest scared him (showed teeth, and so on) so now he's scared the hell out of them.

Can you imagine? This mass of muscles scared?

We cleaned him and sprayed him with the anti-flees spray.. :) 
I also took him on a walk some time ago, and he does really well follow my commands (one is 'pocasi' which means slower, because I like to walk slowly..).

What do you think? Isn't he lovely? 
Tomorrow we have the doc appointment...

He's a good boy, and he needs someone who will be able to lead him. I hope he'll be more than great in our humble home.

All the images are from the Facebook page of Pes-Moj Prijatelj.
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