New pictures of Pablo!

I promised you some pictures a while ago, so now it's the perfect time to show you NEW ones! They were taken today on a looong walk (and somehow swim too).

Next time I'm going to show you some pictures taken by my sister, but I currently can't. My dear has the SD card (it was his camera she was using). So until then you'll have to be happy with these.. :)!

We went to Triban, because there is plenty of space to walk and we don't have to keep our dog on the leash (it's in the middle of nature).

So here are some pictures!

Frisbee time! 

Nah, I don't want to play with it anymore! (here he is wet!)

Alright, lets play with a ball.

Oh today he was being very brave so he went in the 'deep water'. It's actually a small channel which at the end has deeper water (30cm lets say). He went into it and played with the water.. xD. No worries, the water is clean!

He's so funny! It's almost unbelievable!

Hey you, come here!


Alright, I'm here..

Today we also had this not so nice meeting with another pair of dog 'lovers'. We met them and our dog was off the leash and theirs was on a leash. And of course our dog wanted to PLAY but they wanted us to stop him. I won't tell you all the shit they said (because they were being VERY RUDE), but since they were walking away fast it was hard to get our dog back (he gets all confused when he sees another 'playmate' and doesn't want to come back - he's still a pup). So this guy took his rod (or w/e it was) and it looked as if he wanted to HIT MY DOG?!  I mean WTF?! He didn't so we took our dog away and the lady had lots of 'nice' stuff to say... mentioning dangerous dogs..  What the F*ck?! 

Anyway lets leave that behind us ... 

He likes to sleep with me, tho I only invite him on my bed when I want to sleep for about 3 hours more (or less), because I don't own a big bed.. xD And he likes to be comfortable..

Unlike on his own bed..

Our other dog (well my dad's dog) Trixy ignores him most of the time. When he wants to play she starts crying and whining and wants to come in my lap. But she/they'll get used to each other.. it's been only 3 weeks.. !
In case you have been wondering where is Trixy, well my parents take her every weekend to the weekend house :)!

Well this is it for today...  enjoy your evening!

Tamara (&Pablo)
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