MORE Pablo pictures!

It's too late to write a beauty post (I had a review in mind) so for today I'll just post some new pictures of Pablo (I just got them on my email from Vida!). And in the meantime I'll edit the photos for the reviews, so you'll have something to read tomorrow.. ;)

These photos are more PRO (oh so pretty! Hopefully mine will look something like this one day). They are taken by Vida Klenovšek and the collar is made by her too, isn't it gorgeous? My dear picked the colors and I wanted it to be bling (he didn't), so at the end, we got this.. pretty!

Veruscka & Pablo (play time)


  1. Ful je posrečen! Krasen fotografije!

  2. Zelo lepe fotke in model na njih je zakon! :)

  3. Awwww! I love the pictures!! ;D what a cute dog!!!

  4. he is ADORABLE! and so happy :D

  5. Biba: Hvala! Pes je pa res totalna faca :D! Se mu smejem prav vsak dan, ko nekaj uspici :P

    Tassa: Eee ja, to bo pravi model.. cez eno leto bos sita njegovih fotk! :)) Hvala!

    Dana Yoshimizu: He is adorable! And yes, I love the pictures too, Vida knows her stuff :O

    Pop Champagne: HAPPY he is! I bet he is.. we got him from the local shelter.. Thank youu!

  6. Pablo is super adorable! <33 I love dogs~.

    Also, what breed is Veruscka? I thought Afghan Hound, but aaah- I don't know. Haha. So pretty, too.

  7. Noxin she's a borzoi
    Nonochka's Veruschka :)!
    And she tought lots of stuff to Pablo xD

  8. So cute! Pablo inspires me to do a fun look with dogs very soon. Yay, another good idea! :-)


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