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Happy new year 2012! I hope you will make it a good one, and that all your dreams come true! <3


New DOG!

You all know that - I love dogs. They are like children 'trapped' in a cute body. I have one lovely fellow with the biggest smile on planet Earth (Pablo, yes!) but since he ate my last dog - a plush - I got a new one.

Well it was a gift from my dear, because I couldn't sleep without hugging anything. And when my lovely dog wasn't around I was hugging what? The pillow, and it surely wasn't a comfortable sleep position.

Many peluches were destroyed by Pablo. He went for the hardest parts - the eyes and then made a huge hole in them (I had two The Dog's).

This time we went for something larger. In fact this toy is almost as big as my real dog! So yes, I am talking about a new toy :D!

It's a bull terrier plush, and it still needs a name. Any suggestions? 
Yes, I love naming my furry fellows (toys or not!).


Christmas make up requires glitter or gold!


That's exactly what I had in mind when I was swatching my two top choices for X-Mas make up. 

I thought of using just the mascara topper or combine it with the golden Essence eyeliner. 
I am not really sure why it is called glitter eyeliner, since it works as a regular cream (and very opaque) eyeliner.

But then when the D-day came, I went for the mascara topper only. I forgot to bring my eye shadows with me, so blush had to work as it.

I loved the simplicity of the make up, but next time I am going for something bolder!

What was your make up of choice for Christmas?

My staple nail polish removers


The favorites series continues! ^^

I am a big fan of nail polish, but the removing process isn't always the most pleasant thing. That's why I need my regular nail polish removers to do the job for me. And luckily I do not feel nauseated by the scent of these two.

I usually use a nail polish remover from Essence and then I also have another one, this time it's Sante's which I love! I love the way the bottle is made (you just press on the pump underneath it and there it is - polish remover comes out!). 

The extra bonus the Essence remover has - it leaves your nails pleasantly smelling after the removing process. 
I know it may disturb some people, but this scent is very summery like and for me it works. 

Of course I am not a big fan of the dyes in the remover (it's pink!), but alright. My nails can survive that. 

What are your staple nail polish removers?
Have you tried the Essence nail polish removers or the Ebelin one? 

NOTD: Glitter for the lazy ones


Whenever I think of nail polish - I feel nauseated. Don't get me wrong, I love a good manicure. But at the thought of the fumes of nail polish - well it makes me feel sick to my stomach.

That's why I haven't been wearing nail polish for a while. Well more than a week, which is A LOT for a nail polish freak like me. 

I wanted a quick manicure, that would still look good. That's why I decided to go with Jessica - Funky Town (Paint the Town LE).

Sadly the formula went thicker over time (I have it for more than two years). And since I don't have any nail polish thinner at hand, I had to go with what I had.

It took me 3 coats to get an even (or almost) application. 

And since it's only glitter - it should last a while, yay!!

That's it for now! 
What nail polish will you be wearing for Christmas? 

Weeks in and outs

It's that time again, blogging time! :D

I wanted to cam whore a bit, but.. this brings us to a huge - from this week (and a couple of weeks more).


+ I'm at week 11 with my pregnancy, which means I'm out of the 'risky' period. Or at least the one everyone keeps scaring us about.

+ Less work hours (which is also a -) = more free time! Time to live! :D
+ A day spent at my home place, meeting with the girls. It was fantastic!

Some cell phone photos :).

If you believe in orbs... ;) find the ones in this photos :D.

There was a kids show going on and people were afraid to enjoy it fully (like laugh, applause, and so on).. (which is quite typical in my home town).

My sister's dog and mine - playing. I stole this pic from my brother.


- Camera lenses aren't working anymore. And sister won't admit she broke them (since she was the one who used them week after week after week). Bleh! And surely it is very expensive to fix them *pissed*.

- Less working hours = less money. I mean I am happy that I work less, but I am extremely disappointed that it happened the way it did (unexpected and unannounced). I am still looking for a new job.

- The tiredness that is keeping me company for the last week. :( I am extremely tired most of the time. But at least the nausea is gone most of the time!

That's it. I feel much better after some rambling :D



NOTD: Applause, Applause


I got the nail polish combo from Essence's Circus Circus TE. I am not a big fan of circus themes (because of the poor animals!), but otherwise this collection is well done.

I applied two coats of Deborah mini Burlesque Red (#37) and two coats of the glitter part of the Essence Applause, Applause top coat.

I actually really like the result, and you?

The application was flawless, and the brush is something quite different than  the regular Essence brushes. I approve!


Preview: Essence Crystalliced Collection (Jan - Feb 2012)


In the next months there will be another upcoming collection from Essence. This time winter themed. For some reason it reminds me of snow queens with all the glitters and so on. 

I only like some lip glosses and the mascara. But then again - I can't wait to see it in person!

Liquid highlighter - 2.49 
Snowflake topper mascara - 2.29 
Nail polish -  1.79 
Liquid eye shadow - 2.29 
lip gloss - 1.79 €
                         CrystallIced frosters glitter for lips, eyes and face 2.29 €

Review: ES A829 (Mini Black Lashes)


I got another pair of faux lashes from KKCenterHK. They asked me which lashes I'd like to review and I picked these ones. They looked interesting and smaller than the other ones.

See? They do look quite small. 
And the fact is - they are very tiny. I didn't need to cut them so they would fit. In fact because of their size
I had quite a problem with the application. 
But I managed to apply them nonetheless!

Even if they are short, they give those HUGE eyes look. The lashes are a bit too long for my liking. I mean I do like fake lashes, but not when I cannot look normally  because they are poking on my eyebrow.

 Huge much? 

I had a bit of a problem with them bending to my lash line. Even if they are super soft it was quite a hassle!

Plus my camera died on me, so no real cam whoring pictures :(.

+ They are handmade
+ Plus they are super soft! One of the comfiest lashes I got from KKCenterHK
+ They don't need to be shortened (because they are tiny)
+ They make your eyes huge looking!
+ They cost about $1.4 per pair 
+ They can be re-used

- I had a bit of a problem with the application (because they are short)
- The lashes are too long to be natural looking
- The glue isn't included
- Can get similar lashes for cheaper price on Ebay

Price: 3/5 ♥ ($14)
Rating: 3/5 

I was expecting quite a lot from these lashes when I first got them. I mean they are super soft, really comfortable but way too big for me. As in huge and dramatic. But the length is short, which means you have to properly place them. Plus the glue isn't included, which can suck when you run out of your lashes glue. They are actually pretty good, but I'm sure you can find cheaper ones elsewhere (or even on the same site!). 

*This product has been sent to me for review purposes by the company its of its PR department. My opinion is always honest.

Top 7 Favorite Eye Shadows


A while ago I got asked to do a post about my top 5 eye shadows. And well, I couldn't pick just 5 of them, so I picked 7 instead. Which is still quite good, no? ;D

Anyway it was a really hard job, because I have many eye shadows that I love. But this time I went from the ones I used the most (or have used) to the more extraordinary ones.


So first we have my very-used UD Naked palette...  :) Of course one of the favorites eye shadows had to be from it! Even tho, at first I wasn't really interested in nudes, lol.

 The pigments/minerals (without the Mac sample one just because it looks ugly).


This has to be my most used eyeshadow ever! I used it like almost every single day. I know, my looks got quite boring because of the Naked palette, but still. It is also very usable as a highlighter <3! Now I am looking for a dupe in case I run out (and I don't want to spent $50 for a new palette just for this one shade - Help?)

 I got this sample from a forum friend, quite a while ago. It's the gorgeous Pink Bronze pigment from MAC and I'd love to get a full size of this thing. 

I used this eyeshadow A LOT before I got my naked palette. It's perfect to use in the crease or for drawing eyebrows (when I had dark red hair). Now it's mostly untouched. :( But it will get some love quite soon!


 I wanted this eyeshadow for a very long time. But each time I was ordering from Fyrinnae I thought 'bleh!'. And then for some reason I went to check the swatches - and wow!! Gorgeous <3.

 The only orange shade I like on myself. And the bonus - it's from Fyrinnae. By now you could guess I love Fyrinnae's eye shadows.

 This is quite an interesting shade. Between blue and green. And in some light it's quite pale looking. It is still very wearable or if you'd like to add some wow factor - well just combine it with black. ^^

This shadow is pretty much complexer than it looks in the pictures. It goes from purple to blue. I once wrote a review about it (and some other shadows) - here.

And the most important part - The swatches! They were done on dry skin without any primer. Cool, right? 

I'd be really happy if you would tell me what you think about my top 7 eye shadows! 
Plus, which are your top 7 eye shadows (I'm always looking for great ones)?
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