Weeks in and outs

It's that time again, blogging time! :D

I wanted to cam whore a bit, but.. this brings us to a huge - from this week (and a couple of weeks more).


+ I'm at week 11 with my pregnancy, which means I'm out of the 'risky' period. Or at least the one everyone keeps scaring us about.

+ Less work hours (which is also a -) = more free time! Time to live! :D
+ A day spent at my home place, meeting with the girls. It was fantastic!

Some cell phone photos :).

If you believe in orbs... ;) find the ones in this photos :D.

There was a kids show going on and people were afraid to enjoy it fully (like laugh, applause, and so on).. (which is quite typical in my home town).

My sister's dog and mine - playing. I stole this pic from my brother.


- Camera lenses aren't working anymore. And sister won't admit she broke them (since she was the one who used them week after week after week). Bleh! And surely it is very expensive to fix them *pissed*.

- Less working hours = less money. I mean I am happy that I work less, but I am extremely disappointed that it happened the way it did (unexpected and unannounced). I am still looking for a new job.

- The tiredness that is keeping me company for the last week. :( I am extremely tired most of the time. But at least the nausea is gone most of the time!

That's it. I feel much better after some rambling :D


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