My staple nail polish removers


The favorites series continues! ^^

I am a big fan of nail polish, but the removing process isn't always the most pleasant thing. That's why I need my regular nail polish removers to do the job for me. And luckily I do not feel nauseated by the scent of these two.

I usually use a nail polish remover from Essence and then I also have another one, this time it's Sante's which I love! I love the way the bottle is made (you just press on the pump underneath it and there it is - polish remover comes out!). 

The extra bonus the Essence remover has - it leaves your nails pleasantly smelling after the removing process. 
I know it may disturb some people, but this scent is very summery like and for me it works. 

Of course I am not a big fan of the dyes in the remover (it's pink!), but alright. My nails can survive that. 

What are your staple nail polish removers?
Have you tried the Essence nail polish removers or the Ebelin one? 
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